The first step to any new major purchase should always be research, especially when it comes to something as critical for a business as a Contact Center software solution. It’s of course important for your organization to understand exactly what it is you will be purchasing to help manage expectations. Professional reviews, like our own on GetVoIP, are a great way to learn more about a provider and the services offered. These reviews generally do a great job of explaining what the solution is, how much it might cost, and what is offered. At GetVoIP we also attempt to provide a hands-on approach, showing shoppers what the platform might be like to actually use.

Just like your business, we’re always searching for best solution providers to recommend. In our search for the best of the best, we wanted to gather as many reviews across the web as we could and compile all of our findings into one Grand Rating in order to provide valuable insight not found elsewhere — which contact center software provider has the happiest customers.

We took a look at some of the most popular software review sites, including our own, as well as Capterra, SoftwareAdvice, G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, and Gartner’s Peer Insight along each vendor’s latest Gartner Magic Quadrant ranking. Not every vendor we looked at appeared specifically in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant, so we attempted to find their last position across multiple reports. We collected these scores over a week period starting on July 25.

The ratings were then averaged together, and presented along with overall the social media presence, and even analyzed reviews for the last 12 months of each provider to better understand how and why customers were happy. When compiled together, this information helps us better understand which provider not only receives the strongest reviews, but also has a strong following and presence.

Contact Center Vendors 2018 Graphic


At the end of the day, our reviewers aren’t living with these solutions day after day. While we spend as much time as we can playing around and testing, it is impossible for any one single reviewer to turn over every single rock and click every single link. That’s where customer reviews come into place — highlighting the critical details and nuances unseen in professional reviews. We went with some of the most trusted sources across the web, and scoured through hundreds of reviews to land on these ratings.