There’s a lot going on around cybersecurity – so where do you go to get the best and most useful news on what hackers, security experts, big firms and government offices are doing, and what you can do to stay safe? Here are 50 of our favorite spots for actionable security “intel.”

1. Trend Micro Blog
This blog from a company offering top-of-the-line cloud products takes a broad look at cybersecurity, talking about relevant job positions, best software packages for information protection, hacker issues, government initiatives and more, while looking at specific categories like endpoint security and offering tips for small businesses and executives alike.

2. Vasco Blog
This blog also offers some broader articles on new trends, for example, Apple Pay and its potential impact on the finance industry. Then you have items like top five security lists, mobile security infographics, anti-phishing advocacy posts, and more, for all kinds of audiences including retailers, midsize businesses and individual consumers.

3. The Art of Data Protection by SafeNet
Here, readers can get some in-depth information on some of the biggest issues that affect CIOs, CTOs and other executive-level managers. There’s a whole long-form article on how to handle encryption keys, which is one of the prevailing questions in today’s cloud security world, and other deep-level writing on things like data breaches and industry compliance. This is a relatively sophisticated resource for getting up to speed on some of the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity management.

4. Cyber Trust Blog
This blog from CyberTrust looks at the delivery of relevant products, cybersecurity and safety, philosophies of cybersecurity and more, including new product releases and notices from big tech providers like Microsoft and Cisco, as well as technology events around the world. A good place to get a broad survey on what’s going on in tech.

5. Secure Speak – WinMagic Data Security Blog
This is another broader-level resource that addresses the needs of both consumers and business readers. There are general blog posts on being secure on the net while traveling, along with other posts about WiFi spots and new features for mobile devices such as Apple’s ‘kill switch’ that the rank-and-file of everyday users really needs to hear about. Then there are also posts on point of sale encryption and other issues that relate more to what retailers are looking for when they try to get educated online. Both of these make this blog a versatile resource for learning more about cloud security and other types of secure digital systems.

6. F-Secure Safe & Savvy Blog
This blog takes a relatively journalistic approach to talking about cybersecurity and the future of cyberthreats. Injecting articles on Edward Snowden, the threat of a “digital dark age,” news from the Pentagon, and the phenomenon of revenge porn, this blog has a lot of practical resources, but it’s also heavy on current events, making it a good choice for those who want a bit of general news with their IT reading.

7. Schneier on Security
Schneier is one of the biggest names in security, and this blog doesn’t disappoint. Recent posts talk about big data, failures of government agencies, newest hacking tools, and much more, for instance, going long-form on certain kinds of exploitation tools that are looked at by the biggest security experts around. Make this a stop for authoritative cybersecurity news and commentary.

8. Dark Reading Cloud Security
This illustrative tech blog looks at a variety of malicious products, such as infectious browser add-ons, details certain kinds of encryption key management, and looks at some of the ‘dark areas of the cloud,’ while also tackling issues like botnets and reviewing tech startups. That’s just some of what is in this broadly educational IT forum.

9. AppSec Blog
This AppSec blog from Software Security deals with categories like application security, identifying specific types of threats like cross-site request forgery and XSS attacks, with a detailed eye on enterprise-level security and ways to circle the wagons in the modern age, where cyberthreats are pervasive.

10. Malwarebytes Blog
This is a good source for comprehensive information about botscripts, kitties and other types of malware and viruses. Readers get a look at how different kinds of malicious software affect celebrities, platforms and different parts of the technology industry, along with definitions of clever terms like malvertising, where malware and advertising intersect.

11. Search Security
Get all sorts of technical descriptions and definitions from a blog connected to one of the biggest online network security vendors, with information about new technologies like cloud and big data analytics. From good tips on network security to helpful concrete definitions of cloud computing services, this Techtarget blog covers the tech issues of the day with substantial information-based postings.

12. Zone Alarm Blog
From a well-known provider of firewall and security software, this blog discusses everything from specific security for hardware devices like cameras and smart phones, new terms like “misfortune cookie,” and bigger philosophical issues such as the ‘net value’ that the Internet provides in our lives.

13. Krebs on Security
Krebs offers news on various cyberissues, including the not-so-kosher dealings of some major businesses, along with a “Cybercrime’s Most Wanted” poster and more. Look for useful insight on how to foil all sorts of bad guys, including “card hackers” who can rip you off on the street.

14. David Lacey’s IT Security Blog
Here’s a technology information source from the eastern side of the Atlantic, with very Brittania-centered postings on security practices in the U.K., international efforts in cybersecurity, and even some predictions on new technologies like the Internet of Things, along with more information about specific threats that can attack systems anywhere in the world.

15. Fortinet Blog
Fortinet, a cloud provider, offers a range of information on different types of security issues. From adware proxy Superfish to more ominous threats like malicious downloaders, these posters bring the reader some of the biggest new cyberconcerns on the horizon, with supportive information about where they came from, and what to do about them.

16. CSO50 Security Confab Blog
Bringing in a range of information about everything from data breaches and NSA eavesdropping to now malware and ransomware threats, CSO Online also provides feature stories about things like biometrics, backup and security response. Business and home users can get actionable tips for how to handle online security and protect their systems from unauthorized access.

17. ThreatPost
This is a place to go for intelligent, detailed writing about the battles now evolving around the world over cybersecurity. From looking at how government agencies expect cybersecurity to change, to evaluating industry trends and cloud computing, these writers chronicles some of the newest technology trends in ‘big words’ to cover user trends, IT geopolitics and more.

18. Tech World Security
Stuxnet, Superfish, Sqrrl, and IoT upsides/downsides are just part of what readers will see in recent postings on this informative blog. Along with coverage of new USB products and other hardware, Tech World Security spins out geopolitical posts, news from government agencies, and announcements from big firms like Microsoft, along with statistics on global data breaches and other security problems like Valentine’s Day data stealing on mobile devices.

19. SpiderLabs Blog
Here, readers can learn about various type of exploits and vulnerabilities, along with announcements and changes for the SpiderLabs suite of products for cybersecurity. Get news on patches, upgrades and more along with some actionable information on APIs and other IT building blocks.

20. InfoSecurity Blog on Cloud Security 
This is an informative resource for business leaders, with very relevant commentary on the contrast between public and private cloud resources, and the value propositions in terms of CAPEX/OPEX, an inscrutable set of terms for some career professionals. Along with all of these efficiency and security concepts, the blog also includes news on IT trends and cyberthreats around the world.

21. Help Net Security
Some of what you’ll see here at a glance includes coverage of the Internet of Things, U.S. Department of Homeland Security cyber-efforts, SSL handling trends, and mobile app ‘negligence.’ All of this plus ongoing coverage of other cybersecurity issues make this a handy way to keep up to speed with what’s going on in the industry.

22. Threat Track Security CSO Blog
With a variety of tips and tricks blogs and new technology statistics built in, many of the posts on this blog are number-based. However, there are also various other kinds of posts, for example, a category of writing to appeal to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and coverage of new IT publications.

23. We Live Security
Want a slightly different kind of IT reporting? This blog reports substantially on the biggest news stories of the day including Lenovo Superfish, but also brings us, for example, reports of hackers who circumvented the Burning Man ticket line. Also, check out the application of cyberthreats to world wrestling, and definitions of relevant terms like botnet.

24. Veracode Blog
Get material for your business playbook from this blog discussing things like how to get buy-in for security policies, changes in high-tech banking, user authentication, and more. Other highlights include notes on agile software processes and a lot of the big news stories that everyone’s talking about.

25. Hot for Security
From banking trojans to adware removal tools, Hot for Security offers a lot of very relevant postings on the “how-to” of the cybersecurity world, for instance, notes on new emerging threats and specific tools for cleaning up a hard drive.

26. Graham Cluley
If you want to read about a truly diverse set of modern security issues, from NSA/Snowdon to big business data leaks and nude photo hacking, this is a good place to go. In addition to these stock issues, poster Graham Cluley writes about specific cyberproblems that are front and center on lots of tech media sites, such as the Superfish adware package, and the infamous Lizard Squad making waves in Vietnam.

27. Hunton Privacy Blog
Privacy for drones, cookie handling, and presidential executive orders on cyberinfo are some of the interesting topics you can find covered on this blog, along with coverage of cybersecurity applications for industries like healthcare and finance.

28. SkyHigh Cloud Security Blog
A renowned provider of cloud services brings you the latest in big data breaches, cautionary tales of the Internet, NSA news and more, along with statistics on ‘user insecurity’ and suggestions on how to tighten up systems to prevent damage from all of those threats and exploits that are out there.

29. Vormetric Data Security Blog
Introducing solutions like tokens and data security platforms, this blog also covers instances where many of the big crises of modern days could have been avoided with better security. Take a look to find out more about what today’s businesses and governments are doing to improve cybersecurity, and where they may have room for improvement.

30. CloudPassage Blog
Here, one of the big providers of cloud services looks into the crystal ball and gives readers predictions for the coming years, covering topics like application container strategy, blog security, application handling and more. Look for any updates on various security solutions and other design suggestions for enterprise.

31. Seculert Blog
“U.S. data breaches reach record high in 2014” – screams the title of a recent blog post here. Along with outlining cyberthreats, this blog also provides cybersecurity tips, vendor news, and more on how to get around the vulnerabilities present on many modern networks.

32. HL Data Protection
Get announcements from the White House, broad articles about privacy and security, news about web site security, and more in a survey of issues from around the U.S. and abroad. Covering conferences, government agencies announcements and more, this blog keeps readers up to date on a lot of the policy around IT.

33. Cyveillance Blog
Readers can find weekly trends reports here, along with news on operating system updates, and other insight on cloud security and much more. Combining in-house trend reporting with news, this gives readers a unique resource for learning more about what’s really going on in the security industry.

34. CloudLock Blog
For those who want actionable advice on cloud implementation, this blog offers dedicated posts on what to do when you want to “go cloud.” Dig into the nuts and bolts of how to use today’s most advanced enterprise IT systems, to get real insight on how companies navigate the cyberworld.

35. Zeltser Blog
IT guru Lenny Zeltser takes on Docker application containers, Web security tools, third-party applications and more, as well as authorization, authentication and domain issues, on a blog dedicated to informing the reader about IT trends and anti-malware strategy.

36. Avecto Blog
Get a look into practical advice for handling popular programming tools like Java and Flash, along with more of the philosophy of IT that protects vulnerable systems, and coverage of new trends and terms like ‘malvertising.’

37. New School Security Blog
On this site, readers can get a broad range of executive advice, IT reporting and insight on how experts view government and business efforts. (Spoiler alert, one of these writers is not optimistic about a new federal agency to deal with cyberthreats)

38. BH Consulting’s Security Watch Blog
If you want recent cybersecurity news from the U.K. and the Eurozone, take a look for informative posts about national and international tech trends, news of government efforts, and more, along with a primer on password security (via the Jimmy Kimmel show) with a video survey of American respondents.

39. IT Security Guru
Bitcoin, ransomware, ISO, Superfish — all of these things and more get covered in a security blog that brings a diversity of information and issues to readers. This venue goes into these issues in detail to point out a lot of the security principals that businesses need these days.

40. Information Security Buzz
This is a place to get commentary on generational, demographic and national cybersecurity responses to the big issues of the day, along with practical advice for network security.

41. The Ashimmy Blog
With a clever domain name, and a nice user-friendly layout, this blog goes over some of the latest security snafus and how to develop safe, secure and functional systems, going as far afield as issues around point-of-sale retail and the user’s home PC screen.

42. Uncommon Sense Security
This interestingly named cybersecurity site is, according to the lead writer, “a place for me to spout off” — but you’ll find some interesting coverage of IT and security issues, mainly embedded in a series of personal anecdotes.

43. Security Bistro
Readers looking for practical guidance on denial of service attacks, answers about return on investment for IT, and the right way to host data centers have come to the right place. Look for in-depth resources around implementation and network security for enterprise.

44. Andrew Hay
PayPal phishing, Lizard Squad, fessleak… the list goes on as this IT cybersecurity resource chronicles many of the newest threats that we face on the Internet, and on LAN or WAN personal or enterprise networks.

45. Roger’s Information Security Blog
There’s more practical advice on security, and some very prescient data leak coverage to be found here, for example, where writers report on flaws that allow the release of real IP addresses for VPN users. Take a look to know more about what’s actually going on across the digital world.

46. CIO
Read through this blog to figure out more about mobile device security, corporate data leaks, international cybercrime, and more, with commentary on how to build secure networks and avoid phishers and other hackers online.

47. Naked Security by Sophos
Along with treating some of the big issues we’re seeing pop up all over the net, like impending Net neutrality and prominent big data leaks, this blog also has some interesting articles on things that seem a bit more exclusive, for instance, information on “Facebook bug bounties” showing how the social media giant polices its platform, and compelling coverage of Europol vs. the Ramnit botnet.

48. Mcafee Blog Central
A lot of what’s on McAfee’s blog reaches out to different types of users, to talk about practical security measures. With dedicated categories for both “consumer” and “business” as well as “executive perspectives,” this blog goes over things like safe treatment of images online, hacking methods like catfishing, and dangers of specific technology tools such as new wearable devices. Get alerts on some of the biggest dangers that common users face every day.

49. Security On Wheels
This blog at Security on Wheels has practical and relevant information on cybersecurity, along with a good bit of personal politics thrown into the mix. In the past couple of months, this blogger has expounded on racing his car, a trip to a congressional event in Atlanta, and some pretty pointed criticism of the White House team, along with resources for dealing with cyberthreats and maintaining compliance and online safety in today’s complex world.

50. PC Mag Security Watch
This Security Watch blog from PCMag is thoroughly focused on the most common types of cyberthreats that many of us face, on the web or on mobile devices. This authoritative blog looks at powerful malware, trojans and other viruses on specific platforms like Android, and also gives consumers tips on passwords and other kinds of secure authentication.