Avaya has announced today a new array of innovations and solution offerings to enhance customer experience. The company is launching new products, common client SDKs, networking and security enhancements as well as a new subscription pricing model all focused on creating a single channel customer experience.

“The contact center of the future will create amazing experiences for both customers and the agents using the technology,” Gary Barnett, SVP and GM of Avaya Engagement Solutions said. ”This is what Avaya is delivering.”

According to the announcement, 89 percent of businesses today expect to compete with their competitors primarily on the basis of customer experience. These same businesses are now looking for ways “to map their customer’s journeys as part of the strategy to win the customer experience battle.” Avaya’s new lineup is all about providing contact centers with the innovative tools to enhance their customer experience.

“Customer engagement technology of the past has been restricted to the domain within the contact center; however, the customer journey goes well beyond that,” Barnett said. “With today’s announcements, we demonstrate Avaya’s ability to collect information and unleash its potential through our latest innovations and networking technologies to guide and nurture the customer journey.”

In order to equip businesses with the proper tools to do just that, Avaya is introducing:

Avaya Oceana: A new software-based solution for true multi-touch customer engagement. Oceana delivers a visual workflow automation for customer journey mapping through attribute-based matching, and 360 degree context management visual workflow automation. With support for SMS, web, social, voice, video and screen sharing, Oceana will allow agents to tailor the solution to each exact case.

Avaya Oceanalytics: To best leverage that data gathered through not only Avaya solutions, but even non-Avaya systems, Oceanalytics is a modular and extensible analytic and reporting platform that will provide a comprehensive view of customer events.  Oceanalytics will allow users to take full advantage of data generated through customer events and interactions with rich visualization of data collecting information real-time.

Oceana Workspaces: Role-based desktops designed to provide agents and supervisor’s one workspace for all customer touch points including text chat, email, SMS, social networks, voice video and screen share capabilities. These workspaces offer powerful visualization of the customer journey and provides one-click access to common tasks so agents and effectively and efficiently service any clients or customers.

Avaya Vantage: Specifically developed to customize for vertical applications, the Vantage is an all-glass touch screen desktop device with an optional handset. All new, the Vantage was designed for high quality audio with hands-free Bluetooth capabilities

Avaya Client SDK: In order to provide developers with a method to build their own clients and desktops for virtually any customer facing or employee role, Avaya is also launching its new Client SDK.

This all comes with network security and mobility enhancements. Avaya introduced Hyper-segmentation to enable “containment capabilities that limit the extent to which a hacker can access any other part of the network,” according to the announcement. In addition, Avaya also no provides WLAN, a next generation Wireless LAN solution to support the newest 802.11ac Wave 2 industry standard. This will provide more predictable and reliable performance for mobile users.

Last but not least, Avaya also introduced a new subscription pricing model option to provide the flexibility of monthly payments, which includes Support Services and rights to future features for the life of the subscription.