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January 28, 2020

All-in-One or A La Carte? Optimized VoIP Infrastructure With Unbundled Services

We live in an era where customer choice is top of mind. B2C (business to consumer) companies have to address consumers’ expectations to choose exactly what they want, when they want. Similarly, B2B (business to business) companies need to adapt to the personalization trend and allow customers to choose specific products and services that fit their price, performance, geography or other...
January 21, 2020

Steps to Grow Your Emotional Intelligence for Better Customer Relations [How-to Guide]

While businesses struggle for every customer, offering extra features, low prices, or marketing strategy, customer relations remain vital to winning customers. Customer relations require engagement with an audience at every level of a sales funnel to improve customer experience. Since marketing and sales teams are responsible for building it too, customer relations are most prevalent in the...
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