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Time Warner Cable specializes in offering users a variety of services spanning TV, Internet, and Phone. Each category is...
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Anthony V.'s review for Time Warner Cable

We purchased a TV/Internet package for $120 or there about per month and set up payment via debit card to automatically go out each month. All good so far. 1 month in a second payment went out of our bank account in addition to the contracted payment for $89 – nowhere did this show on our TWC account, customer service were useless and after this happened three times in consecutive months – in addition to our regular contracted payment – I contacted the bank and they advised to cancel the card (at great inconvenience as we had to revise all payments to a new card). We DID NOT set the new debit card up with TWC but instead logged in every month and paid the contracted amount. Still no customer service solution but at least by cancelling the card the theft from our bank account stopped. For a few months anyway as several months later and having only used the card manually online each month to pay, the payments (now $95) started to appear again. Once again customer service useless and the rep that sold me the package hasn’t solved it either in 6 weeks and so we are left to visit their office with a year of bank statement to claim back the $800 or so that they owe us. USELESS USELESS USELESS.

Pros: None.
Cons: They will steal from your bank account.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Time Warner Cable specializes in offering users a variety of services spanning TV, Internet, and Phone. Each category is home to various offerings. For example, phone service is available via Unlimited Nationwide, Global Penny, and International OnePrice plans. The Unlimited plan allows users to make unlimited calls to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, it includes 13 free calling features (i.e. caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, speed dial, etc.), enhanced 911 service, number portability, and more for $19.99 per month (for twelve months). The Global Penny plan is an International plan that allows users to make International calls for $2.95/month plus competitive International per-minute rates. This plan is pay as you go—users only pay for the minutes used; there are no caps. Additionally, this includes over 40 International locations, and low rates are also available for over 200 countries. Lastly, the International OnePrice plan includes 1,000 competitively priced minutes at a flat monthly charge of $20.95/month. This plan includes over 100 countries worldwide. For both International plans users must have a TWC home phone plan. Aside from the 13 included calling features, there are add-ons features available; however, they are subject to additional individual monthly charges. These features include private listing ($3.50/month), voicemail ($3.95/month), VoiceZone voicemail manager, and more. In regards to customer support, Time Warner Cable offers support topics, how-to videos, step-by-step guides, FAQs, did you know videos, an online community, parental controls, online portal(s), and more. Additionally, users can reach the provider directly via live chat, email, and/or phone. Additionally, Time Warner Cable also offers other services both a la carte and in packages.

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