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Centered in Orlando, FL, Stonehenge Telecom offers users next-gen mobile voice and data services and products. In doing so,...
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Provider Overview

Centered in Orlando, FL, Stonehenge Telecom offers users next-gen mobile voice and data services and products. In doing so, the provider offers different modes of services, Mobile/Wireless Service, Network Applications (Hosted IP/PBX (VoIP), Business VoIP), and Carrier Wholesale Services (Voice Termination). While Carrier Wholesale service caters to providers, the other areas of offerings are customer-centric. Under Mobile/Wireless service, Stonehenge Telecom offers i-Care Wireless—which is nationwide wireless service (hosted on the Sprint Nationwide Network) that donates 5% of monthly service fees to organization of users choice. This also includes quality customer service, no contracts, termination, and/or registration and administrative fees, and a full warranty. The provider also offers the My Team service, which allows users to better connect with a fan base through news, stats, video/audio highlights, social media interaction, interactive stadium map, etc. With this, plans and pricing vary depending on use (family, individual, corporate). Aside from mobile service is Stonehenge Telecom’s Network Applications—which are offered through Supranetcom. Here, users have access to IP/PBX VoIP, Business VoIP, and various other solutions. Stonehenge Telecom is available for users to contact via email or phone.


Stonehenge Telecom Pricing and Services


CaaStor (Cloud Communication as a Service)

  • Support of Multiple Operators simultaneously
  • Multiple Service Providers
  • Rebranding capabilities for each registered account
  • Extensive Performance, Revenue and Activity Reports
  • Hosting of Multiple SMS, USSD, Voice and Video Services
  • Multiple Campaigns on any communication channel
  • Realtime Campaign schedule monitoring
  • Customization of broadcasted messages with information from imported data
  • Multi-level prepaid Charging Engine
  • Rating of services based on destinations
  • Access numbers/Short Codes are defined and assigned to Services
  • Web based Design and testing of USSD, SMS and Voice, Video interactive applications
  • Call detailed reports for billing purposes, and billing reconciliation
  • Support of MAP on SS7-TDM or SS7-SIGTRAN(SS7 on IP) for SMS, MMS and USSD
  • Support of SS7-ISUP, ISDN, SIP/RTP for voice and video calls
  • Integration with off-the-shelf USSD Gateways using XML-RPC, HTTP/s SMPP, ParlayX
  • Integration with Operator’s SMS-C using SMPP or ParlayX Protocol
  • Integration with Operator’s MMS-C using MM7 protocol
  • Interaction with content servers and/or BSS using HTTP, SOAP, .NET SOAP
  • Role based Web user access
  • Transactions logging and tracing
  • User Access and action logging for auditing

Triton – IVVR Services Delivery Platform

  • Integrated Graphical Application Designer with powerful embedded programming language
  • Integrated Administration and management tool (Big Browser)
  • Voice Browser Engine with Support for VXML 2.1 and CCXML 1.0
  • SS7-ISUP, TUP, ISDN, CAS protocols
  • Media Control Server (MCS)
  • Media Control Unit
  • Voice Over IP, SIP, H323
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech Synthesis (TTS)
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Video transcoding, Video overlay
  • Comprehensive Call Detailed Reports
  • Platform monitoring, event reporting
  • Integrated SNMP agent
  • Integrated native database access for Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC driver
  • Integrated 3rd party technologies from . market leaders: Dialogic, NMS (DIalogic), Nuance, Telisma, Aricent, Radisys, Audiocoders, Aculab

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