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Spirit Communications unifies several communications companies to offer a variety of communications solutions through Business, Carrier, Government, and...
Columbia, SC
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Kaci and Rocky at Spirit Communications CSC option 2 were very helpful in troubleshooting an issue with one of our phones today. It took some time, but they figured it out and were very professional and kind throughout. I apologize if I am misspelling Kaci’s name.

Would Recommend: Yes
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If you desire unreliable services with major limitations, terrible customer support, and unreasonably slow turnaround times……Spirit is the company for you.

If you want quality and accountability, look elsewhere.

Would Recommend: No
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From the installation that was totally botched, (they changed the date, did not let us or our IT support know, we had made arrangements to be offline all day and the IT folks showed up – just not Spirit), to the chronic slow internet, spotty phone and very poor customer/technical “support”, to the online payment system that doesn’t function – this company is beyond frustrating. They are condescending, do not address the real issues, and worst of all, they do not follow up on issues. Their position is that it is the customers responsibility to follow up their poor deliverance! Be forewarned!

Pros: None.
Cons: Very bad connections.
Would Recommend: No
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Service is unreliable and repair times are off the charts. If you wish to conduct business at your business find another provider if at all possible.

Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Spirit Communications unifies several communications companies to offer a variety of communications solutions through Business, Carrier, Government, and Wholesale business units. With Spirit Business users are privy to Enterprise, SMB, and Vertical sized solutions. For carrier services, Spirit includes PalmettoNet to offer core Ethernet service and Affiliate services. Spirit Government includes Internet, IP Telephony, Conferencing, and Data solutions. Lastly, Spirit Wholesale includes ISP, ID, SS7, and Conferencing solutions. Overall, the provider offers a variety of Voice, Network, On Demand Conferencing, and Internet Hosted services.  Voice services include VoIP, SIP Trunking, Local Calling, Long Distance, Wholesale LD, and Wholesale SS7 & AIN. Network (Flexnet) services include MPLS/VPN, LAN to WAN, and Transport. On Demand Conferencing includes both Audio and Web. Lastly, Internet Hosted service includes Business and Wholesale. Pricing varies depending on the industry and service selected. In regards to support, users can call different numbers for general inquiries, customer service, and a 24 hour network operations center. Spirit Communication’s offices are open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Additionally, users can also fill out a customer contact form directly on the website.

Spirit Pricing and Services


DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)*

  • Expansive On-Net fiber infrastructure
  • Competitive price points
  • Turnkey solution
  • Enterprise grade data center with dedicated development and support team
  • Experienced data center team adept at solving business continuity issues and ensuring compliance
  • Aggressive standard service levels with recovery point objectives (RPO) of seconds and recovery time objectives (RTO) of minutes
  • Easy management with simplified UI (3 click failover)
  • 99.99% solution availability
  • Flash storage
  • Continuous hypervisor replication with block level replication capable across multiple sites with 14 days of checkpoints available
  • Seamless integration and non-disruptive testing
  • Quick installations without changing applications or storage configurations
  • Full orchestration with automated failover, and failback with tier 3 support
  • Configurable protection options protecting only the VMs required
  • Cost effective solutions, allowing separation of storage and computing

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)*

  • Lower initial and ongoing cost
  • Multi-site replication options
  • Our solution is simple and cost effective
  • We offer virtualization, hardware, storage and networking in our Cloud – always on and always available
  • Customer retains control of their environment with full access to powerful troubleshooting and analytics tools
  • From one virtual workload to 1000, Spirit’s IaaS solution is massively scalable and designed to meet your needs

LTE Secure Access*

  • Supports voice, data and Internet communications
  • Suitable as a backup failover solution or as an MPLS extension to remote offices
  • ‘Always on’ seamless failover with managed Layer 2 delivery
  • Flexible design – supports MPLS, Private Line or Internet connections
  • Affordable, easy and fast to deploy – uses customers’ private IP spaces over Spirit’s wireless backup network
  • High availability supported by a lightning-fast nationwide wireless 4G/LTE Network
  • 24/7/365 service from Spirit’s Network Operations Center
  • Mobile Network Mobility that delivers any-site-to-any-site connectivity


  • Simple Secure Network
  • Deliver Site Agility
  • Optimize Application Performance
  • Reduce Cost

Express Cloud Access*

  • Speeds up to 1Gbps
  • MPLS Secure Connection
  • CSP Available:
    • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Office 365
    • Salesforce
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • SoftLayer
    • Oracle Cloud
    • IBM Cloud Direct Link

Simple LAN*

Managed WiFi*

Private Routed Network*

Private Switched Network*

*Contact Spirit for pricing

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