SIPRoutes is now known as ThinQ LCR.  ThinQ concentrates on offering LCR (Least Cost Routing) and Voice Termination Cloud...
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Provider Overview

SIPRoutes is now known as ThinQ LCR.  ThinQ concentrates on offering LCR (Least Cost Routing) and Voice Termination Cloud Services. With an LCR solution, users can integrate solutions into an LCR strategy as a primary decision making engine or in addition to another existing platform. Also, with LCR users can choose their level of involvement via plan–i.e. Lowest Rate Only, Full LCR, Cap LCR, Cap Price and Depth, and Max Carrier PDD. Each tier is subject to variant pricing. With Voice Termination solution, the provider offers low cost Wholesale Voice Termination service. The termination service is a cloud based proxy with extensive integration capability–which allows users to reach more SIP Termination providers. Separate from offerings, the provider offer support via FAQs, emaail, phone, and direct form (via website).


ThinQ Pricing and Services


Local Voice*

  • Caller ID
  • Location Routing Number
  • E911

Toll Free Voice*

  • 5 tier-1 carriers with custom routing parameters
  • Toll-free cost routing engine (Toll Free LCR)
  • Easy toll-free number ordering, porting and provisioning
  • Disaster recovery technology
  • Granular call analytics
  • Customer support

Call Routing*

  • Instant access and control over the industry’s top carriers
  • automated savings via THINQ Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Dynamic failover
  • Granular call data and analytics
  • Live support

Voice API Integrations*

  • Wrapper Library
  • Hardcode thinQ’s LCR into existing scripts
  • Rest API


  • Pictures Video and Audio
  • Emojis/Unicode Support
  • Group Messaging
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Long SMS support
  • Detailed Usage Statistics

Database Solutions*

  • Caller ID (CNAM)
  • Local Routing Number (LRN)

*Contact ThinQ for Pricing


  • Dashboard
  • Messaging
  • Call Routing
    Call Routing

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