SageVone offers a variety of services through calling and service plans. In doing this, the provider is able to...
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SageVone offers a variety of services through calling and service plans. In doing this, the provider is able to offer a variety of options. For example, under Calling Plans, users can choose from Pinless calling, Prepaid calling, and SIP Trunking.


SageVone Pricing and Services


With SIP Trunking, users can start with as little as $50 prepaid credit. With Service Plans, the provider offers Simple 800, Virtual Office and 2 lines, Virtual Office and 5 lines, and Virtual Plus with 10 Lines. With Simple 800 users can receive calls at $9.95 per month, and 3 cents per minute. Also, with this all calls are delivered via SIP Trunk with 2 incoming lines. With Virtual Office and 2 lines, users get assigned a local number in the city of their choice for $7.95 a month. With Virtual office and 5 lines, users can get a local number in city ot their choice with 5 simultaneous calls for $39.95 per month. With Virtual Plus and 10 lines, users will get 2 local numbers in cities of their choice with 10 simultaneous calls for  only $7.95 per month. With the 2, 5, and 10 line plans, all calls are again delivered via SIP Trunk. Additionally, users can select their numbers for locations both domestically and internationally. These three plans also feature no per minute charges. Aside from plans, SageVone also offers both local and toll free access numbers in different markets and countries around the world. Users should note that Toll-Free numbers include additional charges that may decrease the amount of available talk time; therefore, the provider encourages users to seek local access numbers for more talk time. Separate from offerings the provider offers support and support resources via FAQs, web portal, email support, call support and callback support.

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