Sage is a flexible business management solution. Their platform offers support for sales, marketing and services for SMBs to...
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Provider Overview

Sage is a flexible business management solution. Their platform offers support for sales, marketing and services for SMBs to enterprises.

Users can add sales, marketing or service modules a la carte style or can opt for a fully integrated CRM complete with powerful analytics to give businesses end-to-end visibility and helpful data.

Sage Pricing and Services


Sales Module*:

  • Out-of-the-box sales reports
  • Powerful sales dashboards
  • Mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows 8
  • Powerful and easy-to-understand sales reports
  • Sales Pipeline forecasts and management

Marketing Module*:

  • Plan marketing campaigns, track results and run campaign reports
  • Manage a marketing campaign across multiple channels
  • Track new leads and sales opportunities

Service Module*:

  • Automate and manage the progress of customer service cases
  • Store information in a central knowledgebase
  • Report on critical customer service metrics quickly and easily

Integrated CRM*:

  • Improves customer service:
    With a complete view of the customer life-cycle, your customer service team gains the tools they need to resolve queries faster and with more personal responses.
  • Markets more effectively:
    With an integrated solution, you will be able to create targeted campaigns based on customer information and deliver a better return on your marketing budget.
  • Empowers more productive people teams:
    An integrated solution gives your colleagues what they need to become more productive, and it also helps you avoid duplication of work. Customer service teams handle customer queries more efficiently, and sales teams can source quotes faster and meet specific shipment and delivery requirements.
  • Works faster and smarter:
    Automating work-flows that seamlessly connects one department to the next ensures your business processes run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Uses visibility to drive profitability:
    Using real-time information about the volume and value of trade in your company, you can identify sales patterns and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Pitches new products to the right people:
    With better business insight, you will be able to leverage reliable customer data and target customers who want your new products and services.

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  • Sales Dashboard
    Sales Dashboard
  • Sales Page Mobile View
    Sales Page Mobile View
  • Service Dashboard
    Service Dashboard
  • Marketing MailChimp Integration
    Marketing MailChimp Integration
  • Marketing Dashboard
    Marketing Dashboard

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