Ringio offers cloud based virtual PBX solution that utilizes a CRM for small and medium sized companies. While plans...
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Provider Overview

Ringio offers cloud based virtual PBX solution that utilizes a CRM for small and medium sized companies. While plans are priced according to the amount of users (1-2, 3, 4…) service plans include: unlimited telephone use with a local company phone number, 1,000 free minutes with toll free company number every month, One toll free or local number for the company (Ringio company line), One additional local number for each user (Ringio Personal Line)—direct numbers for employees– and service features. Some of the features Ringio plans include are: Android App, Auto-Attendant, Bring Your Own PBX, Call Blast, Call Screening, Caller ID Control, Custom On-Hold Audio, Find Me/Follow Me, Internet Fax, One Click Outbound Dialing, Number Porting, and additional toll free minutes above the included 1000.

While the features included are expansive, Ringio also offers a number of APIs and integrations. The APIs and integrations include: Batchbook CRM Plugin, Call Reporting and Tracking, Highrise CRM Plugin, Pre-Built CRM Integrations with Phone, REST API, Salesforce CRM Plugin, Web Triggers, Wufoo Integration, and Zoho CRM Plugin. Ringio is also able to connected to CRM Systems, Google Accounts, or basic online address books. In doing this, the system is able to correlate calling activities with the appropriate contacts. The provider is able to balance personalization and customization for both the user and the user’s customers/contacts through the Call Center Screenpop—which greets callers by name and shows the user relevant pieces of information about the caller in real time.

In terms of reliability, the provider offers 100% Uptime Guarantee. Under this guarantee, the provider offers 1% return of users’ monthly fee for every 1 minute of downtime (excluding calls that occur during schedule maintenance). Network Uptime includes the proper functioning of all servers and services provided by Ringio (and vendors), but it does not include those run by users or other vendors (i.e. Google). All users of Ringio are eligible for this guarantee. Additionally, in the event of an outage, users are able to submit a support ticket detailing which numbers were affected and for how long.


Ringio Pricing and Services 


Pricing: As stated above, Ringio’s service plans and pricing are divided by the amount of users.
1-2 Users: $49.00 per month
3 Users: $74.00 per month
4 Users: $99.00 per month
Additionally, there is special pricing available for accounts that are larger than 10 users. Also, discounts are offered for quarterly and annual billing.

Call Center—which includes Call Queuing, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and Live Call Monitoring: 1 seat is charged at $49.00 per month.
Extra Co. Line Phone Number (with own greeting and routing options): $10.00 per month
Professionally Recorded Audio Greeting: $10.00 onetime fee (after fee, user owns the file)
Call Recording: $10.00 per user per month (Minimum of 2 users required)
Transfer Phone Number from Other Provider: $35.00 onetime fee
Additional Toll Free Minutes after 1000: 3.9¢ per minute.

Ringio offers a 15-Day free trial period. Cancelation of service is possible at any time, and there are no overage charges. If users choose to subscribe to the service, they are privy to a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee.

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