Nexmo is a unique provider that offers a multitude of different solutions, all based off of their API platform...
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Provider Overview

Nexmo is a unique provider that offers a multitude of different solutions, all based off of their API platform. Nexmo is one of the go-to solution providers for organizations to integrate SMS messaging, Voice Calls or Verification Services into a mobile app or website. Purchased by Vonage in 2016, Nexmo is now apart of the well known Business VoIP provider’s portfolio with a global reach of 7 billion people across 225 countries, and over 1,600 telecommunication networks.

Based in San Francisco, Nexmo has been offering communication application program interfaces for both voice and text communication since 2010. Vonage snatched up the platform in a move to accelerate a planned growth strategy by strengthen their foothold in Cloud Communications. While Nexmo can be deeply integrated with Vonage solutions, the platform does stand on its own. Nexmo has also been expanded to offer advance analytics and SIP Trunking functionality.

Nexmo Pricing and Services

  • Automatic Location Based Routing
  • PBX Compatibility
  • Efficient Elasticity
  • Digest Authentication
  • Multi-Codec Support
  • SIP Options
  • TLS Support
  • Monitor and Manage Services
  • User Permissions
  • Subaccounts
  • Dashboard Analytics

Pricing Per Call

Connecting With Customers in The United States:

  • Making a call to a mobile number – $0.0153 per minute
  • Making a call to a landline number – $0.0153 per minute
  • Receiving a call from any number – $0.0054 per minute

Editor’s Bottom Line of Nexmo

Nexmo is a unique service provider in the market. With their core business focused on providing communications APIs, Nexmo’s platform enables any size business, from small start ups to massive enterprises, to enhance their customer experience through new channels of communication and verification. With their SIP Trunking solution specifically, Nexmo makes it possible for your business to make and receive calls in the cloud. SIP Trunking is unique because it facilities the connection of a PBX to the internet, enabling businesses to place VoIP calls at a low cost. Nexmo’s SIP Trunking platform specifically makes it simple to connect to any PBX, around the world.

In fact, one of Nexmo’s major selling points is their global reach. Nexmo makes it possible to place and receive calls from around the world, and even offers phone numbers in most countries internationally. What is important to note, however, is that SIP Trunking is priced quite a bit different from traditional Business VoIP or Hosted PBX solutions. As opposed to a reoccurring monthly fee, based on features or user limits, SIP Trunking is charged based on each minute of each phone call. SIP Trunking also makes it easy for your business to scale up or down with unlimited capacity, to not only save on costs but also properly plan around peak traffic.

Nexmo’s SIP Trunking enables organizations to scale an on-premise call center solution, while simultaneously expanding your caller’s reach and providing global support. Advanced features, like an Automatic Location Based Routing, ensures the highest level of call quality while reducing latency and ensuring calls are routed to the proper gateway. Nexmo also offers a no-cost set up, further providing businesses with an initial cost saving, making the platform even easier to adopt.

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