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NewVoiceMedia is a leading and award-winning Cloud Contact Center solution based within the UK. Ranking as a leader on...
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Provider Overview

NewVoiceMedia is a leading and award-winning Cloud Contact Center solution based within the UK. Ranking as a leader on Gartner’s European Contact Center Magic Quadrant, NewVoiceMedia places a strong focus on deep Salesforce integration. NewVoiceMedia’s platform seamlessly integrates multiple communication channels with Salesforce CTI in order to enable agents and organizations to provide the best customer experience possible.

With a complete Omnichannel solution and mid-market to Enterprise focus, NewVoiceMedia has a remained as a popular choice for organizations with a strong European focus. As of just 2018, NewVoiceMedia has joined the Vonage family and is now a component of the complete Vonage Business Cloud portfolio.

NewVoiceMedia’s platform can be utilized for both inbound and outbound communications, enabling organizations to provide support or services to clients, or directly pitch outbound sales.

Features Included

  • Advanced IVR
  • ACD and Call Routing
    Skills Based Routing
  • RealTime Dashboards
  • Supervisor Monitoring
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Post-Call Surveys
  • SLA-based Routing
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Dial From Salesforce
  • Automatic Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
  • Prioritize and order calls with custom criteria
  • Track all activity and reporting with Salesforce integration
  • Automatic Screen-pop
  • Intelligent Dial Lists
  • Custom Dial lists from Reports
  • Local Number Dialing
  • Automatic Call Recordings
  • Automatic Call Logging
  • Global Voice Assurance Routing (Local Telephony Routing)
  • Workforce Optimization Forecasting, Scheduling and Real-Time Adherence
  • Gamification
  • Conversation Analyzer
  • Automatic Call Content Analysis
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance

Salesforce Integration Features

  • Digital and voice customer interactions
  • Ensures a consistent conversation/experience across all channels by utilizing same interface/data
  • Consistent engagement histories for every contact
  • Seamlessly integrate every single channel with Salesforce CRM data (Omnichannel)
  • Up-to-date Salesforce engagement histories
  • Set and Manage KPIs
  • EinsnteinAI analytics
  • Monitor in Real-Time
  • Dynamic Routing and Rule Management
  • Rank contacts based on context
  • Salesforce Automations

Plans Available


  • Salesforce Integration
  • IVR, ACD, call Routing
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Screen-pops
  • Call Recordings
  • Global Voice Assurance
  • Supervisor Portal
  • Realtime Dashboards
  • Skills-based Routing


Everything included in Express, plus

  • Flexible Outbound CLID
  • Supervisor Monitoring

Select – Most Popular

Everything included in Essentials, plus

  • Dynamic Routing
  • Dialers
  • Statistics API
  • Post-Call Surveys


Everything included in Select, plus

  • SLA-based Routing
  • Omni-channel

Most Popular Plan


Editor’s Bottom Line

NewVoiceMedia understand that the modern Contact Center absolutely must place a massive focus on the customer experience. As a leading Contact Center solution, their platform is designed around the concept of simplicity.

By enabling agents and administrators to simply and easily access the information and tools they need, they can spend less time fumbling between apps and more time dedicated to serving the client or customer they are working with. This level of simplicity is achieved through an overall design philosophy, with a focus being placed on that overall positive user experience.

As part of providing a simple yet powering user experience, NewVoiceMedia has placed a very strong focus on a deep integration with Salesforce. As Salesforce is the leading and most commonly used CRM solution, NewVoiceMedia dedicated to providing an equally powerful and capable Contact Center Solution to pair together. In fact, NewVoiceMedia seamlessly integrated every single communication channel from your contact center with the relevant Salesforce functionality.

NewVoiceMedia’s solution has both digital and voice customer interaction integration, and enables agents to provide a consistent experience across all channels by utilizing a consistent platform, interface and data. Agents even have access to the powerful Salesforce EinsteinAI, and other automation tools found within the Salesforce application.

With this deep CRM integration, along with other powerful Contact Center functionalities, NewVoiceMedia’s platform can actually be utilized for organizations that are looking to support existing client, work with new clients, or even proactively seek out new clients with outbound calls.

Organizations can provide a complete omnichannel experience, and route their calls through multiple channels including voice, sms, chat, video and more. Most recently, NewVoiceMedia has joined the award-winning Vonage family, enabling both vendors to join forces and provide an even more powerful solution, combining both Vonage’s Business Communication solutions with NewVoiceMedia’s Contact Center platform.

NewVoiceMedia has even been chosen as a Leader within Gartner’s 2017 Contact Center Magic Quadrant within the European market. Serving more than 700 mid-market and Enterprise customers, NewVoiceMedia supports some really familiar names, including Adobe, Siemens, Time Inc, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Overall, NewVoiceMedia provides a truly empowering Contact Center platform all around the world. By combining forces with Vonage, organizations can now dip further into a seamlessly integrated platform with truly powerful solutions and applications.

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    New Voice Media Home Page
  • New Voice Media Accounts Tab
    New Voice Media Accounts Tab
  • New Voice Media Case Detail
    New Voice Media Case Detail
  • New Voice Media Leads Tab
    New Voice Media Leads Tab
  • New Voice Media Sales Dashboard
    New Voice Media Sales Dashboard

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