Founded in October, 1998, by Evan Goldberg under the name NetLedger, Inc. Although US-based, one quarter of its employees...
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Founded in October, 1998, by Evan Goldberg under the name NetLedger, Inc. Although US-based, one quarter of its employees work out of their call center in the Philippines. NetSuite has additional offices in Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV; New York, NY; as well as Canada, the UK, Spain, the Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Uruguay.

NetSuite has a long-standing partnership with Oracle, and currently licenses database software from them. NetSuite has acquired several other companies and incorporated them into their platform, including retail eCommerce, warehouse management, and HR software.


NetSuite Pricing and Services


Most Popular Plan:

NetCRM+, $129.00/user/mo:

  •   Automates the entire sales cycle: browsing/interested lead/qualified prospect/valued customer/repeat customer.
  •   Gives customers self-service portal to see outstanding quotes, re-order products and services, view a complete service history, enter new troubleshooting tickets.
  •   Gives tools for cross-selling and up-selling.
  •   Partner Relationship Management to incorporate referrals & selling partners into CRM, and share lead information.
  •   Up-sell and cross-sell based on purchase history.

Contacts Management:

  •   Analyze conversion rates by ROI by lead source
  •   View how many leads were generated by each lead source
  •   Mobile support for iOS, Android, Windows Phones & Web Browsers
  •   Sales Forecasting
  •   Accounting Integration
  •   Real-Time Dashboard
  •   Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multiple Company & Locations
  •   eCommerce
  •   Commission Management
  •   Customer Self-Service
  •   Complete customer lifecycle management
  •   Partner Relationship Management
  •   Third-Party App Integration

All Available Plans & Services:

  • NetCRM, $79/mo: 1 full user; add’l users $79/user/mo.
  • NetSuite Small Business, $99/mo: 1 user; 10 limited access users; add’l users $49/user/mo.
  • NetCRM+, $129.00/mo: 1 full user; add’l users $129/user/mo.
  • NetSuite With NetERP and NetCommerce, $399/mo; 1 full user; 10 limited access users; add’l users $99/user/mo.

Over 200 different pricing and add-on packages to choose from.
Help & Support Options:

Online Support:

  •   Training videos and manuals online to address common issues
  •   Free self-directed online training
  •   Premium online classes, including real-time instruction & discussion
  •   CPE (Continuing Professional Education) certification available

Silver Support:

  •   Online support through NetSuite Customer Access Portal, prioritized by severity
  •   8AM-6PM M-F based on local time of user
  •   2 authorized support contacts

Gold Support:

  •   24/7 Toll Free phone support for high-severity issues
  •   8AM-6PM M-F based on local time of user for low-severity issues
  •   Weekend support
  •   4 authorized support contacts

Platinum Support:

  •   24/7 Toll Free telephone support w/priority telephone queue routing
  •   8AM-6PM M-F based on local time of user for low-severity issues
  •   Dedicated technical support team & support manager
  •   Online case responses are prioritized by severity
  •   6 authorized support contacts

Awards & Recognitions:

  • SIIA CODiE Awards for Best Financial Management Solution
  • Best Project Management Solution, and Best Commerce Solution 2013
  • Ranked #2 Forbes’ List of World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies
  • CRM Watchlist Winner, 2014
  • TMCnet CRM Excellence Award, 2014
  • Ranked #16 Mid-sized companies in the Bay Area News Group Top Workplaces Awards, 2014


Editor’s Bottom Line of NetSuite


NetSuite CRM+ is best for teams of 20 or more, not a good choice for the smallest, but better for medium and large businesses. The setup and interface is fairly complicated, and more suited for an IT-Administrator than a typical worker with no background in IT. They are very reliable, with a reported uptime of 99.96% over the past five years, and an SLA-backed guarantee of 99.95% uptime.

NetSuite CRM+ is a powerful tool for eCommerce businesses due to the integration with order management and fulfillment. NetSuite CRM encourages up-selling and repeat customers because it automatically emails prospective and current customers. Like some other CRM companies, they have related sister companies and offerings, including integration with their Financial/ERP and PSA services.

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  • Mobile App
    Mobile App
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