This Canadian provider specializes in supplying users with customizable VoIP solutions, as well as equipment, training, and more...
Montreal, QC
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This Canadian provider specializes in supplying users with customizable VoIP solutions, as well as equipment, training, and more. In doing so, Modulis looks to help users, whom are switching over, every step of the way.  Firstly, the provider offers OpenPBX, an inclusive PBX solution designed specially for companies and organizations with 50-2000 extensions. As such, this solution combines open source Asterisk system with a PBX from either Modulis or Switchvox. This allows augments reliability and quality, as well as features such as call recording, call center, unlimited number of users, free calls throughout North America, and much more. Separate from this, Modulis also offer users Asterisk services, SIPSaver (SIP Trunking solution), and Cloud PBX services. Each of these services is tailored for different uses and includes different functionality. For example, Cloud PBX inclues Unlimited Calling, SIPSaver doesn’t; however, SIPSaver features an on site server, which CloudPBX does not. Additionally, each mode is tailored to fit various numbers of intended users—i.e. OpenPBX 50+ users, Cloud PBX 5+ users, SIPSaver Resellers, etc. Aside from these various services, Modulis offers Customer Programming, which provides users with customized solutions for enterprises. With Modulis, users are also able to access a number of VoIP and Asterisk certifications via VoIP training programs. Lastly, the provider offers users VoIP equipment that is proven Asterisk compatible. In doing this, users can shop confidently knowing their equipment is able to optimize their solution.


Modulis Pricing and Services


SIPSaver Business SIP Trunking*

  • Unlimited number of channels
  • USA and Canada from 1.1 Cent / Min
  • Numbers (DIDs) from 40+ Countries
  • Optional dedicated Internet Line
  • 24/7 Service Quality Monitoring
  • Keep Your Existing Number
  • 100% Asterisk Compatible


  • For Thousands of Users
  • Web-Based Interface
  • Digium Certified Support (dCAP)
  • No License Fees
  • Enterprise Premium Support
  • White Label Technology


  • Pay For What You Need
  • 99.999% Uptime Reliability
  • HD Wideband Audio Quality
  • No Special Equipment
  • Web-Based Control Panel
  • No License Fees

*Contact Modulis for pricing


  • Users
  • Templates
  • Advanced Options
    Advanced Options
  • Call Panel (Queues part)
    Call Panel (Queues part)
  • Call Panel
    Call Panel

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