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Level 3 specializes in offering a variety of solutions, products, and services by business and/or by industry. With solutions,...
Broomfield, CO
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I don’t understand these people. We signed up with them and signed a contract and then they would answer emails every 2 weeks, and never follow through on their commitments.

They asked me for 3 time brackets to test their sip trunks and after I gave them to them, I heard nothing. They would routinely ignore our emails and it would take them 2 weeks to answer.

We cancelled after 4 months of this nonsense without ever getting service.

Stay the hell away!

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: 4 months and still no service.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

Level 3 specializes in offering a variety of solutions, products, and services by business and/or by industry. With solutions, the provider offers a Bandwidth Optimizer, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing, Contact Centers, Data Center Networking, Ethernet, Global Distribution, High Performing Websites, Unified Communications, VoIP Migration, and Smart Wan. In offering all this, the provider is able to cater to a variety of industries such as Digital Entertainment, Law Firms, Manufacturing, Research and Education, Retail, State Governments, Financial Firms, UK Government, US Government, Healthcare, Media and Broadcast, and Wholesale.


Level 3 Pricing and Services


Separate from the solutions offerings and industry appeal, Level 3 offers three distinct modes of service/product: Data, Voice, and Video. Under each of these categories lies different services. With Datat users can choose from Internet Services, Content Delivery, Converged Business Network, Private Line Services, Rural Access Solutions, Wavelength Services, and Virtual Private Network. Under Voice, there’s Collaboration Services, Enterprise Voice, and Wholesale/Carrier Voice. Lastly, under Video there’s Vyvx Solutions, Media Delivery Services, and Global Media Events. Through an impressive array of services and solutions, Level 3 has a global reach that spans North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Additionally, in terms of support, the provider offers users a Customer Center, where users can turn for support via various support web portals, live calling, Network Operations Center Support, trouble tickets and more.

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