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IBBS specializes in offering users a number of Voice services including Residential Line, Business Line, SIP Trunking, and Hosted...
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IBBS specializes in offering users a number of Voice services including Residential Line, Business Line, SIP Trunking, and Hosted PBX services. Each of these services includes different functions and features, which ultimately equip users with different benefits. For example, with Residential Line service, users are fit with e911 services, full suite of advanced features (i.e. simultaneous ring, enhanced voicemail, etc.), an expert support team, and more. Separate from this, Business Line services include full suite of standard VoIP services as well as group services (which equip smaller businesses with big business functionality), flexible plans and pricing, rapid deployment, and more. SIP Trunking also includes its own set of benefits and features including fast return on investment (ROI), nationwide service, greater cost efficiency, greater flexibility, advanced support (IBBS dedicated Business Class Customer Care), and more. Lastly, the Hosted PBX service offers users lower cost of ownership, 24/7/365 network monitoring, expert team, full features set, web based control panels, and much more. Aside from Voice services, IBBS also offers users Service Activation, Service Assurance, Customer Care, and Applications (both Residential and Commercial).  IBBS provides users with quality customer support through specialized services for residential and Business class users.   While they differ in some areas, Business Class and Residential support include 24/7 US based support, private toll free numbers, web based ticket system, service level reports, call recording, call back surveys and on-call audits, advanced tools, and expert reps ability to isolate network, demark, or internal LAN, and much more. In regards to pricing, IBBS offers a variety of services and plans; therefore, the plan/service selected dictates price.

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