GoTo Connect (formerly Jive)  is  a cloud communication software offering business phone service, team chat messaging, and HD video...
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Jive is a great option for businesses with multiple locations. Our business uses Jive and operates in over a dozen offices with remote employees all over the United States. The mobile app makes it easy to stay connected on the go and the desktop web softphone makes it real easy to set up a home office. Great uptime and reliability!

Pros: Great Service and Reliability.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Are Resort is very please with Jive we have if when we have an issue we get awesome service and always beryone is very helpful and know what their doing.

Pros: Very good customer service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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I’ve been using Jive for 15 months, and am VERY happy with the service, all around. And Jive has FABULOUS customer service!

Pros: ALl the features, all included. Plus, international calling.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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We use Jive for work and it has been wonderful, especially lately with the integrations with Zoho products.

Pros: Easy to understand, super friendly and efficient customer service.
Cons: None.
Would Recommend: Yes
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By far the worst service. The app doesn’t display as much information as the previous version. Most calls don’t get forwarded thru. The app can be reopened then It’s only possible to see if someone called. But the number isn’t displayed. You have to redial the call for the number to display then abort the call.
Tech support might as well be non existent.
Definatly looking into another company.
Don’t get suckered in by the low rate!!!

Would Recommend: No
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In my many tears using VOIP products, This is by far the worst! The reporting is extremely inaccurate, and their tech support is almost non-existent. Both email and phone support. My suggestion is to look at other options. I am not writing this review to recommend any other PBX, just not to use this solution

Would Recommend: No
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The other reviews about how long you will spend on hold and how many transfers it will take before anyone even attempts to resolve the issue are accurate or understatements. They double billed me for phone service since I logged into the phone service administrative account from a different computer. That took almost a half hour of hold and transfers, then another 10 to 15 minutes as the agent “researched” the issue. It was service for 1 phone line (period), so how does logging into the account that lets you change the voicemail message with a different computer constitute another monthly fee? I finally transferred the service to another provider and the phone number was ported over on the 9th. I called and cancelled the service that day. The rep wanted me to send documentation stating that I really did want to cancel the service. To which I had to explain that the number had been removed from their control and there really is no stronger method of lodging dissatisfaction with a voip phone service than removing the phone number from them. So they gave me back about $5 from the over charging and kept the remainder of the month. It took 2 phone calls (they “dropped the call once”) which resulted in the 4th person telling me I had to send an email about refunding the remainder of the month, and then 8 days to get a “tough luck” response.

I do not understand how they intend to stay in business with over charging, under performing and service support that is just abismal.

Would Recommend: No
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I moved 90% of our phone lines to another company, yet for months Jive continues to bill us for ALL phone lines. We overpaid August and Sept, got them to finally send a credit receipt, and now they’ve cut us off due to non-payment when they owe us money???? TERRIBLE. Their customer service doesn’t exist

Would Recommend: No
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I do not recommend Jive/GoTo Connect. They have terrible customer service and have yet to resolve any of our issues. You are much better off elsewhere. We are in the process of switching.

Their people are friendly however if there is an issue they disconnect the calls frequently or leave you on hold for a ridiculously long time (probably hoping you will hang up)

It is insanely difficult to reach a supervisor.

Pros: None.
Cons: Horrible customer service and troubleleshooting.
Would Recommend: No
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We bought into this because we require bids and they came in as a lower bidder. After evaluating them and a few others it was determined we would go with them. From the sales pitch, the features we wanted were there. However, once we had the system and started using it, there were so many little things you don’t think about that were missing which we had in our old phone system. Such as a simple notification that a Voice mail was forwarded from another extension. If a person is part of multiple call groups, there is no way to know if what group that call is from unless you create a complex Dial plan that stamps caller ID. Using a Dial plan causes another issue on transferring from the apps. The apps only see actual line extensions. Not call groups, so when someone is trying to transfer, they have to know the extension of the dial plan or have to save it as a contact. This is one area the software is lacking. It should be able to be setup as a virtual phone with buttons or options. Instead it is just a basic dial pad and you have to learn many star codes to do certain functions.

Pros: Price.
Cons: Software and features lacking.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

GoTo Connect (formerly Jive)  is  a cloud communication software offering business phone service, team chat messaging, and HD video conferencing via Go ToMeeting, the GoTo product suite’s video calling tool. The GoTo Connect  Premium plan provides contact center functionalities designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

GoTo Connect combines a user-friendly interface with essential features like softphone calling, smart call routing, one-click screen sharing, and integration with key third-party tools across all plans.  This makes GoTo Connect an excellent choice for startups and SMBs needing to upgrade their VoIP phone system to include video conferencing capabilities and advanced voice calling features like call queueing, auto attendants, and ring groups. These remote or in-house teams prioritize ease of use over access to hundreds of communications features, and may plan to integrate more industry-specific third-party software with GoTo Connect to further streamline their workflow.


GoTo Connect Key Features


Read more about GoTo Connect key features below.


Dial Plan Editor


GTC dial plan editor

The Dial Plan Editor is GoTo Connect’s call flow design tool, complete with intelligent call routing strategies, drag-and-drop call path editing, and customizable call rules. It makes setting up ring groups, auto attendants, and schedule-based call forwarding quick and painless.

The Dial Plan Editor allows for greater, more flexible call control thanks to real-time call path editing and live call flow reporting. Customers will enjoy a personalized experience, higher first call resolution rates, and more self-service options. Admins can easily adjust dial plans on GoTo Connect’s desktop app.


Customized Greetings and Messages


GTC custom message

GoTo Connect allows users to record an unlimited number of messages and greetings that automatically play for customers calling the business.  These greetings simplify call flow strategies by letting customers guide themselves through pre-set call menus, leaving more agents free to work with VIPs and ensuring customers connect to the best available agent. Greetings and auto-attendants also reduce hold times, meaning lower call abandonment rates.

Pre-recorded messages are used for queue greetings, directories, voicemail greetings, on-hold announcements, and more.

GoTo Connect users can record custom messages directly within the Dial Plan Editor. As soon as the recording is saved, the call flow is updated and the new message goes into effect.


Call Monitoring


GTC call monitoring

Call monitoring gives managers an inside look at exactly what’s happening during agent calls. This greatly improves the customer experience, prevents inconsistencies in customer service, and provides insight into the effectiveness of current agent training materials.

GoTo Connect call monitoring has four different modes.

Spy Mode allows the manager to listen to the call without interrupting and without informing either the agent or the caller.

Call Barge lets a manager take over or join a current call between an agent and a customer, allowing them to speak with authority on the issue at hand, correct the agent, or provide immediate assistance when needed.

Call Whisper allows a supervisor to join an active call between an agent and a customer, coaching the agent without the customer hearing what they’re saying.  Call whisper is used primarily to train new agents, or to review agent conversations if managers have received notification of lower performance statistics.

Presence Monitoring provides a birds-eye view of call center activity in real-time, so agents and managers can see which are available, on calls, away, or have entered “Do Not Disturb” mode. This saves time and optimizes available agents.


Video Conferencing


GTC video

All GoTo Connect business phone system plans include HD video conferencing capabilities for up to 250 attendees and 25 simultaneous screens via Goto Meeting, a leading video conferencing platform.

GoTo Connect’s video conferencing platform comes with some powerful features, including a new and updated screen sharing feature for desktop and mobile devices.

Some other Goto Connect/Goto Meeting Video features:

  • Preview your webcam
  • Drawing/markup tools
  • Keyboard and mouse sharing
  • In-session chat
  • One-click, no-download meetings
  • Background noise suppression
  • Toll-free and Call Me included
  • Single sign-on and encrypted sessions
  • Dismiss attendees
  • Meeting lock
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Unlimited cloud recording
  • Recordings and transcriptions


Unlimited Call Queues


GTC call queues

A call queue directs incoming calls to a designated agent or group of agents based on pre-set specifications like client status, the issue at hand, relevant department, or agent schedules.  While the customer in the call queue is on hold, they hear announcements with updated wait times, sales and support information, or other customizable pre-recorded messages.

Call queues are invaluable for managing a high volume of calls. They allow businesses to provide a better customer experience, speed up the resolution process, and reduce the frustrations long hold times so often cause.

With Goto Connect, you can set up an unlimited number of call queues in the Standard and Premium plans.


GoTo Connect Customer Support


goto support

There are several options for getting support from GoTo Connect.


GoTo Connect Knowledge Base


goto knowledge base

The GoTo Connect knowledge base includes a lot of information and is generally organized in a way that is easy to understand.

Some of the articles include charts, bullet points and links to how-to videos so that you can find the information you need and implement it quickly.

The knowledge base also includes a search bar and allows users to search by topic or format. The knowledge base can be accessed here.


GoTo Connect Customer Community

GoTo Connect users can also access a customer community to ask questions, read through discussions, see any past service interruptions and check the current status of GoTo Connect service. The customer community can be accessed here.


GoTo Connect Phone Support

GoTo Connect has 24/7 phone support available for Premium plan users only.

Customers have the option of calling the phone number below and being placed in a general support queue or using a contact form at the end of an article or video in the knowledge base. Using a contact form allows GoTo Connect the ability to better route the customer’s call to the right agent.


Goto Connect customer support number:

Toll Free:

+1(833) 851-8340

Long Distance:

+1 (805) 617-7080


Other forms of support

Premium plan customers can also get 24/7 support through email but must fill out a contact form stating the issue. GoTo Connect offers a 24/7 online chatbot available to all users.


GoTo Connect Integrations

The cheapest GoTo Connect plan comes with only basic integrations like Outlook and Google Workspace. Integration capabilities increase with each pricing level, as shown in the table below.

Integration Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Google Workspace
Salesforce X
Hubspot X
Microsoft Teams X X
Informacast X X

Other Goto Connect integrations:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • CirQlive
  • Zendesk
  • Slack
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Redtail
  • Curve Dental
  • Clio
  • Vet Pawer
  • CatapultEMS
  • Purple Cloud
  • RevenueWell
  • SolutionReach
  • blueButler
  • Momentum
  • Swell
  • LawGro
  • CallCabinet
  • MacPractice
  • CallerID
  • SpiceCSM
  • Zapier
  • ConnectWise
  • Communify


GoTo Connect Plans and Pricing


Goto pricing

GoTo Connect has a three-tier pricing structure with built-in discounts for a higher number of users. For example, the Standard plan costs $29 per month/user for 2-10 users, $26 per month/user for 11-20 users, or $20 per month/user for 100+ users.

The most affordable plan (the Basic plan) does include video conferencing, which is unique in the UCaaS space.  However,  it has some severe limitations when it comes to the number of dial plans, queues, video meeting participants, and video conference duration. It should also be noted that any international calling will be charged by the minute in the Basic plan.

The mid-range priced plan (Standard)  gives you access to nearly every feature the Premium plan offers along with the unlimited queues, dial plans, greetings, and video meeting duration. It also offers free international calling in over 50 countries.

The Premium plan alone offers advanced analytics and monitoring capabilities such as listen, whisper and barge.

Here is a breakdown of GoTo Connect Pricing and plans.

Basic Plan  Standard Plan Premium Plan
Pricing for 2-10 users paid on a monthly basis Starting at $24.00 /user /month Starting at $29.00 /user /month Starting at $39.00 /user /month
Pricing for 11-20 users paid on a monthly basis Starting at $21.00 /user /month Starting at $26.00 /user /month Starting at $36.00 /user /month
Pricing for 21-50 users paid on a monthly basis Unavailable Starting at $23.00 /user /month Starting at $33.00 /user /month
Pricing for 51-100 users paid on a monthly basis Unavailable Starting at $21.00 /user /month Starting at $31.00 /user /month
Pricing for 100+ users paid on a monthly basis Unavailable Starting at $20.00 /user /month Starting at $30.00 /user /month
Number of Users Up to 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Existing Number Porting
Local, Toll-Free & Vanity Numbers
Smart Call Routing
Unlimited Extensions
Call Forwarding
Auto Attendant Recorded Greetings 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Customizable Dial Plans 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Ring Groups 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Call Queues 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-Site Compatible Unlimited Unlimited
Hot Desking
International Calling Charged per minute (all countries) 50+ countries included free (additional countries charged per minute) 50+ countries included free (additional countries charged per minute)
Voicemail to Email
Seamless Call Management
Paging and SMS
Call Recording
Caller Hold Time Report
Real-Time Analytics
Toll-Free Minutes $.03 /minute 1,000 free minutes shared across account ($.019/additional minute) 5,000 free minutes shared across account ($.019/additional minute)

Built-In Meetings & Messaging

Team Messaging
Audio Conferencing
Meeting Duration 40 mins Unlimited Unlimited
Meeting Participants 4 150 250
Simultaneous Webcams 4 25 25

Customizable Cloud Contact Center

Call Analytics
Inbound & Outbound Call Monitoring
Listen, Whisper & Barge
Supervisor Dashboard
Customizable Admin Controls
Real-Time Queue Updates
Agent Effectiveness Reporting


Other GoTo Products

GoTo Connect includes features from several GoTo products, such as GoTo Meeting and GoTo Contact Center, to create a unified communications platform.

Depending on budget and business needs, purchasing a standalone GoTo product may be better.

Here’s a quick look at some other GoTo products:


GoTo Meeting


Goto meeting

GoToMeeting is a great solution for SMBs only looking for a video conferencing solution.

For $12/month, you can host unlimited video meetings with up to 150 participants, access in-meeting screen sharing and breakout rooms, and chat/share files via team messaging.These features are also included in the GoTo Connect Standard plan.

For $16/month (the mid-range plan) you can have up to 250 participants and more advanced features such as unlimited cloud recording, note-taking, smart assistant, and meeting lock. The GoTo Connect  Enterprise plan lets users work directly with GoTo to create a customized video meeting platform, provides a Customer Success Manager, and offers agent onboarding and training. Pricing for the Enterprise plan is unlisted.


GoTo Room


Goto Rooms

GoTo Room is a software and hardware bundle that turns any size room into a smart conference room. GoToRoom supports dual displays and can be integrated into any GoTo Admin center for easy management. Customers can choose from Poly or Logitech hardware, though GoTo Room also supports third-party meeting software.


GoTo Contact Center


Goto CC

GoTo Contact Center is designed for SMBs. There are only two plans, Core ($30 per month/user) and Complete ($39 per month/user). The Core plan includes IVR and queues, which are also included in GoTo Connect Standard and Premium plans. With the Core plan you also get standard reporting which is only available in the GoTo Connect Premium plan and Facebook integration and web chat which are not included with Goto Connect.

The Complete Plan includes advanced reporting and management capabilities, some of which are included in the GoTo Connect Premium plan (listen, barge, call monitoring, and more.)

GoTo Contact Center includes additional analytics such as caller summary, calls by outcome, average time in queue, and more.


GoTo Training


Goto training

GoTo Training allows companies to create a powerful, customized, and engaging training course for new employees. With features such as integrated payment processing, live testing, mobile training, cloud recordings, analytics and more, GoTo Training is a great solution for specialized SMBs that need to make sure employees become familiar or stay up-to-date with training materials.

GoTo Training has three plans: Starter ($119 per month/organizer), Pro ($179 per month/organizer) and Plus ($349 per month/organizer). The main difference between the plans is the number of attendees. The Starter plan includes up to 25 attendees, Pro up to 50, and Plus up to 200.

All plans include advanced features such as polls and tests, materials management, recording, analytics, and integrated payment processing through RevStream. The Pro and Plus plans include extra features like breakout collaboration, certificates, and the ability to make on-demand training content.


GoTo Webinar


goto webinar

With GoTo Webinar, you can create pre-recorded or live-stream events with plenty of customization, planning, promotion, and attendee engagement tools.

GoTo Webinar has four different price tiers:  Lite ($59 per month/organizer), Standard($129 per month/organizer), Pro ($249 per month/organizer) and Enterprise ($499 per month/organizer). The difference in price mainly has to do with the number of attendees. The Lite plan includes up to 250 participants, Standard includes up to 500, Pro includes up to 1,000 and Enterprise includes up to 3,000.

GoTo Webinar has another option for businesses that only create a few webinars each year called GoTo Webinar Flex. With the Flex option you only pay $19 per month/organizer and then pay for each individual webinar, starting at $149 for up to 500 attendees, $299 for up to 1,000 attendees and $499 for up to 3,000 attendees. The Flex plan has all the features of the Enterprise plan.

All plans include reporting and analytics, full service registration, automated emails, polls/handouts/Q&A and a mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices. The Standard plan also provides recording, custom branding, and the ability to accept payment, among other features. The Pro and Enterprise plans include even more advanced features, such as a video editor, live streaming, unlimited cloud storage, source tracking, and more.


GoTo Connect  Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of GoTo Connect based on our research and GoTo Connect reviews.

GoTo Connect  Pros GoTo Connect  Cons
HD Video conferencing available on every plan Limit of 25 simultaneous webcams even in the Premium plan
Intuitive, beginner-friendly Dial Plan Editor simplifies call flow management Does not come with end-to-end encryption
Easy-to-use desktop application and mobile app for iOS and Android Devices Fewer integrations than most competitors
Compatible with 180+ desk phones and devices from Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, etc. The native team chat feature is very basic and doesn’t come with any advanced features
Unlimited call queues, auto attendants, and call routing strategies available with Standard and Premium plans Analytics and reporting are only available in the most expensive plan


Is GoTo Connect Right For You?

GoTo Connect is designed for small businesses, micro businesses, and startups needing an affordable all-in-one business communications system with quality phone, messaging and meeting capabilities.

If your company doesn’t need a lot of advanced features and wants to avoid a steep learning curve, GoTo Connect may be the perfect fit. GoTo Connect is quick to set up, easy to use, and offers key communication features.

However, GoTo Connect’s lack of advanced analytics and reporting capabilities mean it’s not the right fit for enterprise-level businesses with an especially high call volume. Though GoTo Connect integrates with some third-party software, compared to other platforms, its integrations are limited.

To learn about alternatives to GoTo Connect, check out our Enterprise VoIP interactive table. You can also find out how GoTo Connect stacks up against other providers in this detailed comparison of GoTo Connect vs RingCentral.

  • Goto Connect Call Queue
    Goto Connect Call Queue
  • Goto Connect Messaging
    Goto Connect Messaging
  • GoToConnect Interface
    GoToConnect Interface

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