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New York, NY
FonAngle is an award-winning business VoIP provider focused on quality, support, and value. Both their unified communication solution “Hosted...
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Provider Overview

FonAngle is an award-winning business VoIP provider focused on quality, support, and value. Both their unified communication solution “Hosted Office Phone System (HoPS)” and their SIP trunking solution, FreedomSIP, are carrier grade, with an SLA of 99.999% uptime. HoPs combines voice, conference calling, fax, IM, presence, mobile apps, and web integration into one service. FreedomSIP promotes flexibility and efficiency. FonAngle supports Aastra, Cisco, and PolyCom IP phones, SIP clients, and Linksys ATAs for phone and fax. They have two servers in North America, one in Vancouver, Canada, and another in New York, USA.

Fonangle offers users hosted solutions that are divided into plans including per line, per user, and unlimited or freedom. Amongst these various factions, FreedomSIP, the unlimited plan, is the most utilized solution as it includes no long distance charges and low international rates. This SIP Trunking solution even offers a metered plan option for users light call usage averages. Along with unlimited use (and metered option), the FreedomSIP plan (as well as per line and per user) comes equipped with standard features including: Quality of Service (QoS) management, Expanded Geographical Presence, Security, Multiple ENUM Termination, Number Portability, PBX Compatability, Full E911 Compatability, Codec Selection, T.38 Fax Support, Carrier Neutral Internet Connection, Free local and office-to-office calling, Automatic Disaster Recovery, Online Anytime Web Interface Management, and Detailed Call History and Logs.


FonAngle Pricing and Services


Support Options: Users have access to the Help Desk portal, which includes Knowledge Base, Tutorials and Manuals, Troubleshooter, File Library, Help Desk Tickets, News, and helpful Links. Aside from this, users also have access to White Papers (which detail the provider and service), Case Studies, and FAQS. Lastly, Fonangle includes live Customer Support through a North American based support team available 24/7/365.

Price: FreedomSIP comes at a flat monthly rate of $29.95 per month—which includes unlimited minutes and allows add-on features and charges, and international calling. Additionally, for users that average lower call usage, FreedomSIP has a metered option at $14.95 per month. These trunks come with 500 minutes and are privy to add-on features and charges, international calling, and support. If users go over their allotted 500 monthly, minutes are subject to an additional 2.9¢ per minute charge.  Also, while International Calling is available with both these plans, pricing for all International calls is determined based by location.

Add-ons: FonAngle offers add-on features for additional monthly pricing. These features include:
–  Conference Calling: for 600 minutes per month- $14.95 per month plus 2.9¢ per minute over allotted time; for Unlimited, $34.95 per month. Supports HD Audio Quality for on-network users and allows for host to facilitate up to 20 participants. Comes with two options 600 minutes and options (different pricing).
Freedom Fax: $14.995 per month- unlimited use. Send and receive faxes anytime anywhere—delivered to the users email. Unlimited plan
FonAngle Toll-Free: for 100 minutes per month- $4.95 plus 3.9¢ per minute over; for 1500 minutes per month- $39.95 per month plus 2.9¢ per minute over; for 10,000 minutes per month- $199.95 per month plus 2.5¢ per minute over; and for 10,000+ users must call for a quote. Customers can place calls from anywhere in the US and Canada at no charge. This service incurs a monthly fee, which is determined on the selected time options—100 minutes per month, 1,500 minutes per month, 10,000 minutes per month, and 10,000+ minutes per month.
Freedom Chat (Instant Messaging): $1.95 per user per month. Users can communicate with one another through dedicated work tool with features like presence.
Virtual Local Number: $4.95 per additional telephone number. Add as many numbers as needed from providers 4000 rate centers across the US or Canada.
Virtual International Number: Pricing varies. Add numbers to any one of the 33 countries included in provider’s service.

As mentioned above the provider does offer users hardware and equipment for these systems; however, pricing and availability must be determined by contacting the provider directly.

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