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Flynumber is a US (NYC) based call forwarding service provider that aims to optimize user’s making and receiving phone...
Brooklyn, New York
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Provider Overview

Flynumber is a US (NYC) based call forwarding service provider that aims to optimize user’s making and receiving phone calls. In doing so, Flynumber creates and assigns phone numbers which various call forwarding capabilities, including: Landline & Mobile Phone Call Forwarding, Local Phone Number (for Asterisk), VoIP Call Forwarding, and Gtalk Call Forwarding. With this, each method has its own distinct set of features and benefits. For example, VoIP call forwarding users can choose a VoIP provider to forward to, forward calls to ant SIP address, change forwarding information at convenience, and VoIP features (such as Caller ID) are sometimes supported. In terms of pricing, there is a flat rate price with unlimited minutes for virtual phone numbers (depending on city/country). Also, there are add-on services/features (i.e. additional DID number, add to prepaid balance, number porting, etc.), which are subject to additional charges. Flynumber doesn’t require PINS or calling cards. There are also no contracts and/or obligations. Flynumber offer web based customer support via support tickets and email; however, they also offer users a physical mailing address and a contact phone number.


FlyNumber Pricing and Services


Local Phone Numbers starting at $2.95

  • Call Forwarding
  • High quality audio transmission
  • Change forwarding as often as you like
  • No pins
  • Cancel anytime


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