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EasyTalk Communications

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Easy Talk Communications specializes in offering a number of telephony services including Hosting Plans, VoIP Services, DIDs, Softswitches, and...
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Provider Overview

Easy Talk Communications specializes in offering a number of telephony services including Hosting Plans, VoIP Services, DIDs, Softswitches, and more. In each offering the provider works off of different VoIP interconnections to provide service. For example, under Hosting Plans, the provider offers Linux Hosting. With VoIP services, the provider has worked with specialists and experts to deliver high tier, quality solutions. Easy Talk Communications also offers a variety of DID numbers at different pricing rates. Lastly, the Softwswitch option comes stacked with a ton of features including VoIP termination, Wholesale VoIP, PC2Phone Customized Dealer, Device2Phone, Calling Cards Platform, Web Softphone, Web/ANI/DID/SMS Callback Solutions, Website Module, Online Shop, Callshop & Café Module, Call Center, Invoice Generator, VoIP Tunnel, WebPhone, Web Based Real Time CDR, SIP/H323 Translation, PostPay/PrePay, and many more. In terms of resources and support, Easy Talk Communications offers a large knowledge base for users in addition to submit a ticket, online portal, and hotline phone number.


EasyTalk Communications Pricing & Services


Dialer/Short Call Termination 

Flat Rate CC Route

Route Rate (USD)
US Dialer Premium CLI 0.0090
US Dialer Premium CLI 125k Codes Flat 0.0060
Canada Premium Dialer 0.0070
Canada Standard Dialer 0.0040
UK Premium Dialer 0.0080
UK Standard Dialer 0.0040
Australia Premium Dialer 0.0190
Australia Standard Dialer 0.0125
China CC CLI Dual DTMF (Call Back Ratio 6-9%) 0.0420
Hong Kong CC CLI Dual DTMF 0.0260
USA NPA-NXX Rate Desk Download 6/6 Pulse
USA NPA-NXX Rate Desk Download 1/1 Pulse




  • Free Test Account
  • Tier 1/multi-carrier network options
  • TDM or SIP termination
  • Flat rate and NPA-NXX pricing
  • No short duration penalties or surcharges for incomplete calls
  • No minimums or volume commitments
  • High CPS
  • High ASRs
  • 6/6 second billing
  • Multiple codecs available
  • No capacity restrictions
  • 24/7 in-house support
  • Quick turn up


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