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DoubleHorn Communications specializes in offering users both small business and enterprise solutions. In doing so, the provider offers various...
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Provider Overview

DoubleHorn Communications specializes in offering users both small business and enterprise solutions. In doing so, the provider offers various service and plan options. For small businesses, users are able to select phone, phone and internet, cloud solutions, high speed internet, hosting and back up, and business email suite. Each category of service is home to a variety of options in and of itself. For example, with High Speed Internet, users can choose IPOne Dedicated Broadband or Metro Ethernet. Additionally, there are a variety of add-ons and upgrades available; however each is subject to additional monthly pricing. These additions include IPOne Contact Center (starting from $3.00), IPOne Conference ($.015/minute, also seat based), IPOne Calling Cards ($.015/minute), IPOne Fax ($34.00/number included), IPOne SoHo ($18.00/per line), IPOne Executive Extension ($6.00/extension), IPOne Business Continuity ($15.00/extension), IPOne Managed VPN ($20.00/service location), and IPOne Mobile Office ($15.00/mobile ext.). Under small business solutions, DoubleHorn Communications also offers a variety of Industry solutions for Legal, Medical, Energy, Real Estate, IT & Software, Marketing & Media, Finance & Insurance, Government & E-rate, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Contact Center fields. Separate from these offerings are the Enterprise solutions, which include SIP Trunking, SIPedge 2.0 (Hosted SIP Trunks with reporting tools for monitoring), Multiprotocol Label Switching, International DID, and Wholesale Solutions. With a variety of service offerings available, DoubleHorn also offers support resources for their users—i.e. Internet Speed Test, Advantages of VoIP list, Cost Savings Comparison and Study, DoubleHorn Network, Customer Portal, and FAQs. Additionally, users can reach the provider via email or phone for sales department and customer support.

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