With a strong focus on delivering actionable insight to marketing teams everywhere, DialogTech has been serving businesses since 2007...
Chicago, IL
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Was told it could do everything we needed, AND MORE…

First day logging in, I knew it wouldn’t work for what we needed. Then they played the clock, knowing I was not using it, nor were they building the campaigns, but they sure did send a bill for $8k. So 1 number, 1 test call, 1 login onto your portal and your team didn’t do a thing after day 1, yet you think you are entitled to $8k. The nerve of some people.

I recommend checking out other call tracking providers before you end up having to fight the good fight yourself.

Pros: Brittany.
Cons: Sales, Functionality of service (lack thereof0.
Would Recommend: No
Provider Overview

With a strong focus on delivering actionable insight to marketing teams everywhere, DialogTech has been serving businesses since 2007. DialogTech provides businesses that value inbound phone calls as a priority with actionable marketing analytics. With a large product offering ranging from call attribution tools to AI & Machine Learning, DialogTech delivers the information that marketers need to analyze, attribute, and ultimately optimize phone conversations.

With Headquarters located in Chicago, IL, DialogTech is capable of servicing all of the United States, and even provides international phone numbers for businesses with an overseas presence. With DialogTech, businesses are able to optimize individual phone calls much in the same way they would optimize clicks, to deliver the highest ROI and revenue possible.


DialogTech Pricing and Services 


  • Call Attribution
    • “Increase ROI by making calls from marketing as measurable and optimizable as clicks”
  • Contextual Routing
    • “Improve customer acquisition and loyalty by seamlessly routing each caller to the best destination to convert them”
  • Conversation Analytics
    • “Know which callers are quality leads, if they converted, and what’s said on the call”
  • Customer Journey Optimization
    • “Know which callers are quality leads, if they converted, and what’s said on the call”
  • Actionable Insights
    • “Get the insights you need, when you need them, to prove ROI and optimize marketing performance”
  • Integrations
    • “Seamlessly integrate call data with your CRM and marketing tools to attribute and optimize the entire customer journey”
  • Leadflow for pay-per-call
    • “Drive growth with a complete solution for tracking and managing pay-per-call campaigns”
  • Voice & text notifications
    • “The fast and effective way to deliver appointment reminders, customer alerts, phone surveys, reorder reminders, and more”

Call Attribution Plans and Pricing

Business Plan – $19 per month + Usage

  • Unlimited Users
  • User access levels and controls
  • Local, toll free and international numbers
  • Call Recording
  • Number Porting
  • Track performance of online and offline campaigns
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Calls matched to website visitor and ad click
  • Forward calls to landline, mobile or softphone
  • Call whispers
  • Click to call ads and ad extensions
  • Bulk text messaging campaigns
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Scheduled Text Messaging
  • API Access
  • Integrated Softphone
  • Route calls by schedule
  • Score, convert and tag calls
  • Route calls by IVR menus
  • Virtual voicemail boxes
  • Conference calls
  • Keyword and visitor tracking
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Call Recording and Whispers
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Text Messaging

Marketing Plan – $99 per month + Usage

  • All Business Plan features, plus
  • Custom Fields
  • Triggers (text or calls)
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • White label options
  • Agency account structures
  • GeoContact
  • Smart routing
  • Geographic routing
  • Call queues
  • Post call agent surveys

Contact Center Plan – $299 per month + Usage

  • All Marketing Plan features, plus
  • Hold patterns (music, voiceover, etc)
  • Auto Dialer
  • Custom Softphone and Actions
  • FormReacter click-to-call forms
  • Desk mode
  • Agent call scripts


Editor’s Bottom Line of DialogTech


With their roots dating back to 2007, DialogTech has an established history in marketing analytics solutions, and still stands strong as a solid choice for a business that’s looking to ultimately optimize every single phone call contact in any way possible. In contrast to other providers in this market, DialogTech makes it possible to build out a complete solution with a wide array of tools and solutions, including call attribution, conversation analytics, in-depth routing, and machine learning. DialogTech can offer a unique package almost unrivaled on the market today.

Overall, DialogTech’s main focus is on delivering and providing the tools necessary for a business to gain actionable analytics from their marketing campaigns, specifically for businesses that focus on and utilize inbound phone calls. With in-depth call attribution tools, businesses can increase their ROI with new in-depth insight into how marketing campaigns are generating leads. But with their wide range of tools available, beyond just call attribution, DialogTech provides everything a business would need to turn phone calls into revenue, and to optimize their ROI on marketing campaigns and efforts.

These unique solutions also enable your business to completely optimize the customer journey, by providing your business with complete control over the entire system that callers will be interacting with. Robust features like DialogTech’s unique Conversation Analytics helps businesses better understand which calls are quality leads, and which calls might need extra attention. Voice and Text notifications allow your business to deliver important information to customers quickly and easily, including customer alerts, appointment reminders, phone surveys, and reorder reminders.

With powerful features including keyword call tracking, dynamic number insertion, website visitor tracking, caller profile data, reverse lookup, call recording and transcriptions, DialogTech offers a truly complete and comprehensive marketing analytics platform. Whether your business is a small operation looking to better understand how their marketing efforts generate leads, or a large Enterprise in need of a state of the art call center solution, DialogTech is a strong option.


  • Calls By Geography
    Calls By Geography
  • Analytics Tab
    Analytics Tab
  • Analytics

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