Convoso offers the fastest, most powerful dialer for sales and lead generation teams, boosting contact rates by up to...
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Convoso is a good dialer. Its easy to use and gets the job done. Unfortunately, Convoso doesn’t know how to treat it’s customers. They act as if they can afford to lose customers instead of valuing them.
They make changes in the dialer, adding features, removing them, or changing them with no notification to the customer. You notice something is different when your calls aren’t being dialed correctly and you start losing money. When you call into support they act as if they have no idea what’s going on and they have no idea how to fix the issue. The reports feature is terrible, not user friendly at all.
We’ve been on this dialer for 2+ years despite the cost(which is very high) and the lack of customer support. We stay with it because the dialer itself is good. I wish I could say we are happy customers, but we’re not. For me Convoso has one saving grace, one light at the end of the tunnel-my CSM Roger Mohr. They need 100 more like him.
Would I recommend Convoso? Yes, but with a strong warning to expect to be treated poorly.

Pros: User friendly, gets the job done.
Cons: Customer support is horrible.
Would Recommend: Yes
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This is one of those tools you really wish to have heard 4-5 years ago. You just need to set up your workflow, upload your leads and enjoy the show, if you need help the support team is great, they don’t just solve your questions, they also share the best practices and help you to avoid issues and make your operation more efficient.

Pros: Reports, Low spam rates, Cost efficient.
Cons: Set it up for first time it's a little overwhelming.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Alexandria K.'s review for Convoso

I like the simplicity of the contact organization. The auto-calling feature basically eliminates call reluctance by getting you on the phone immediately! It’s very user-friendly and the dashboard boldly displays your KPIs.
The only aspect I don’t love using Convoso is not having an outbound dialer for leads/contacts not already in the system. But I have found a way around this.
I’ve solved my call reluctance and overall touching/reaching people. After all, sales is a numbers game. This system has definitely been beneficial for expanding my business.

Pros: Call Reluctance Solved.
Cons: No specific outbound dialer.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Pros — Product is good and support is good though it took awhile sometimes but they will try to resolve the issue even it takes some times.

Cons — need to fix the reports and export of data its laggy and hopefully they add some of our future request features on convoso to make it better in managing the dialer or reports.

Pros: Product is good and support is good.
Cons: need to fix the reports and export of data its laggy.
Would Recommend: Yes
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Convoso is user friendly and has great customer service. Easy platform to work off of to streamline my business! Perfect for lead management by allowing me to easily organize lists and workflow automation. Great auto dialer which helps making more connections in a smaller time frame. Easy to use and keep track.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Excellent Service Thaddius and Edward are 2 of the most attentive professionals in the biz. They helped us register our numbers, create a call-call structure and increase our Dialers efficiency. Highly Recommend! If you are looking for a provider that puts their customers first, this is the option that I would go to. Truly. Thanks Convoso Team. Keep up the great work.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Diego C.'s review for Convoso

Convoso has been a great partner to our business. The software has allowed us to manage our call center 100% remotely.

The software lacks gamification and bonus compensation features that incentivize agent performance. However, they have been receptive to this feedback.

Overall, very positive experience working with Convoso.

Would Recommend: Yes
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Matt Z.'s review for Convoso

I enjoy the layout and it is easy to navigate as an administrator. Reporting is also easy to use and customize. Not all 5 stars due to some issues with the workflow automation (it just stopped working and we had to find a workaround), but there have not been too many hiccups in our first year. Installation took some time, but that is to be expected for a process like this

Would Recommend: Yes
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Best Overall Dialer!
Convoso has everything you will need to get started as well as a very extensive set of features that will evolve and grow with your needs. It is by far the simplest to get your features implemented and the easiest to navigate around. Did I also mention the unbelievable support you have available 24/7 from their different and wonderful support departments? Besides that, they provide a knowledge base center with almost all the explanations and details you might need for all the different features they offer. Lastly, I’d like to mention that being browser based, you can easily manage to work from absolutely any device you have.

Would Recommend: Yes
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When we first started using Convoso it felt very overwhelming, but our business had the feeling that if we put the right time in learning and understanding the system it was going to be wonderful for us, and that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to their support team our business is now happily using a dialer that works for us all around and we are very grateful.

Pros: Support Team.
Cons: Learning Curve.
Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview

Convoso offers the fastest, most powerful dialer for sales and lead generation teams, boosting contact rates by up to 3X. Convoso’s omnichannel solution is best for contact centers with 20+ outbound agents.

Convoso’s unified contact center platform generates and converts leads faster using multiple communication channels. The cloud-based solution offers multiple dialing modes (predictive/power/preview/progressive) along with two-way texting, voice broadcasting, outbound emailing, and Dynamic IVR to pre-qualify leads automatically. As a cloud-based solution, Convoso’s Contact Center solution is accessible over the internet through servers maintained by Convoso. This eliminates any hardware or software investment for users while being able to support users based in different locations.

The solution supports customer-centric industries, including insurance, financial services, home services and more. It helps users increase call volume, improve conversion rates and qualify sales leads faster. The predictive dialer helps users predict agent availability and maintain the pace necessary to maximize call volume while balancing agent idle time and drop rates.

Convoso’s mission is to maximize productivity and minimize hassle by housing your enterprise’s outbound call/contact center operations and processes in one intuitive end-to-end platform. Convoso houses a suite of communication applications that are aimed at boosting contact rates, conversion rates and profitability. Convoso’s automation capabilities makes life easier for admins and allows staff to focus on what really matters: customers.


Convoso Pricing and Services


Solutions Available

  • Outbound Call Center
  • Blended Call Center
  • Omnichannel Contact Center
  • Intelligent Outbound Dialing


Features Offered

  • Caller ID Reputation Management
  • Speed to Lead Tools
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Voicemail Detection
  • List and lead management tools
  • White-glove customer support
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Dynamic Scripting
  • ACD intelligent call routing
  • Custom dashboards
  • Real-time and historical reports
  • Automatic report distribution
  • List scrubbing
  • Texting
  • Training
  • Call recording
  • Post-Call Surveys
  • Reminders
  • Agent-to-agent transfer
  • Email templates
  • Performance monitors
  • Call back scheduler
  • Custom hold music or sales message
  • Speed dial numbers for transferring
  • Customizable CRM contact form
  • After-call custom reminders and notifications
  • CRM Light
  • Hosted IVR
  • CTI Screen pop
  • Softphone
  • Custom call time rules
  • Custom inbound numbers


Editors’ Bottom Line of Convoso

While they might be a newer player in the space, Convoso manages to deliver a complete sales and communication platform, built from the ground up to work flawlessly in the cloud. Convoso provides the necessary functionality to run either an outbound or blended contact center, including omnichannel communications beyond just phone support.

Convoso offers an integrated suite of solutions that enables your business to provide the best customer experience possible. Agents gain intense control with advanced automations including workflows, call routing, call flows, and even detailed reporting. Supervisors will enjoy the 100% web-based platform, powerful monitoring and real-time reporting, and rapid training and onboarding process.

For outbound call centers, Convoso includes a powerful auto dialer within its Outbound solution, enabling your business to completely transform dialing campaigns and efforts through preview dialing, progressive dialing, predictive dialing, or power dialing. With predictive dialing specifically, your business can customize the number of simultaneous outbound calls placed in order to optimize agent efficiency to the max. Another powerful tool, preview dialing, allows agents to see a customer record when a call is received.

Convoso offers its own calling service built off of existing Tier 1 partners to offer a complete call center solution. Since a CRM solution is also incredibly critical for call centers, Convoso not only integrates with existing CRM providers but also offers its own lightweight CRM directly integrated into the platform. Overall, Convoso offers a complete platform for outbound campaign efforts.

  • Agent Performance
    Agent Performance
  • Dashboard
  • Agent Monitoring
    Agent Monitoring

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