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This Canadian provider offers both business and residential advanced hosted PBX services. As such, ComCanada Communications offers a variety...
Vancouver, BC
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Provider Overview

This Canadian provider offers both business and residential advanced hosted PBX services. As such, ComCanada Communications offers a variety of services and plans to fit different needs. That being said, hosted PBX plans are available for 2-14 users ($28.95 month/user), 15-99 Users ($21.95 month/user), and 100+ users ($18.95 month/user). Users should not pricing is affected by term agreement. Each of these plans includes a wide host of features including unlimited calls (Canada and US/your region), long distance (competitive pricing), E911, compatibility, additional phone numbers for Canada, US, and other global cities, Internet Fax, T.38 support, and the standard lot of hosted PBX features (i.e. auto attendant, ring groups, queues, enhanced voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, follow me, call block, etc.). The provider also offers virtual numbers; however, DIDs are $10/month extra—but include Hosted PBX and Fax features. Users can also choose to port their numbers using the provider’s portability tool—which analyzes whether or not a number can be ported. In addition to the service itself, ComCanada Communications also offers users compatible equipment such as Astra’s 6730i, 55i, 560M,57i models, Switchvox IP PBX, and other various VoIP devices. Separate from these devices, the provider’s service highly compatible with other devices, too—i.e. SIP devices, ordinary phones, softphones, and Asterisk PBX’s. ComCanada Communications also offers Carrier/Wholesale services that include Voice, Data, Colocation, and Technical Services. In regards to customer resources, the provider offer FAQs to answer users’ questions, as well as a Customer Portal.


ComCanada Pricing and Services


Hosted PBX plans

  • 2-14 users ($28.95 month/user)
  • 15-99 Users ($21.95 month/user)
  • 100+ users ($18.95 month/user)


  • Make Unlimited calls anywhere in Canada and the U.S..
  • Make Unlimited calls in your local region.
  • Long Distance at competitive Prices.
  • Compatible with most soft phones that are freely available online.
  • Switch to ComCanada.
  • Select your new or additional phone number from one of many Canadian, US or Global cities.
  • Enhanced 911 Service
  • Ship a ComCanada digital phone adapter to friends and family anywhere in the world
  • T.38 support for reliable fax transmissions
  • Hosted PBX features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, and Queues are Included
  • Internet Fax (Send/Receive) Included

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