CallTrackingMetrics offers a unique combination of not only Call Tracking tools and features, but also everything your business would...
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Provider Overview

CallTrackingMetrics offers a unique combination of not only Call Tracking tools and features, but also everything your business would need to operate a call center with a complete telephony solution. CallTrackingMetrics of course enables businesses to track telephone calls, and attribute leads to the marketing campaigns that generated them.

What helps the provider stand out is the ability to deliver phone numbers, an integrated softphone, smart routing, geographic routing, call queues, and other call center features. Founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Todd and Laure Fisher, CallTrackingMetrics services the United States, as well as 56 countries internationally.


CallTrackingMetrics Pricing and Services


Business Plan – $19 per month + Usage

  • Unlimited Users
  • User access levels and controls
  • Local, toll free and international numbers
  • Call Recording
  • Number Porting
  • Track performance of online and offline campaigns
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Calls matched to website visitor and ad click
  • Forward calls to landline, mobile or softphone
  • Call whispers
  • Click to call ads and ad extensions
  • Bulk text messaging campaigns
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Scheduled Text Messaging
  • API Access
  • Integrated Softphone
  • Route calls by schedule
  • Score, convert and tag calls
  • Route calls by IVR menus
  • Virtual voicemail boxes
  • Conference calls
  • Keyword and visitor tracking
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Call Recording and Whispers
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Text Messaging

Marketing Plan – $99 per month + Usage

  • All Business Plan features, plus
  • Custom Fields
  • Triggers (text or calls)
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • White label options
  • Agency account structures
  • GeoContact
  • Smart routing
  • Geographic routing
  • Call queues
  • Post call agent surveys

Contact Center Plan – $299 per month + Usage

  • All Marketing Plan features, plus
  • Hold patterns (music, voiceover, etc)
  • Auto Dialer
  • Custom Softphone and Actions
  • FormReacter click-to-call forms
  • Desk mode
  • Agent call scripts


Editor’s Bottom Line of CallTrackingMetrics


CallTrackingMetrics stands out among their competitors, in a mostly crowded market, by offering more than just call tracking solutions. In fact, CallTrackingMetrics can outfit your business with a complete call center solution, including auto dialers, custom softphones, agent call scripts, hold patterns, advanced routing, post call agent surveys, and even HIPAA compliance. This platform delivers not only the tools your business needs to operate a contact center, but also the advanced analytics and insight necessary to truly optimize the customer journey, as well as your business’ marketing efforts.

This deadly combination of call center features paired with the deep insight of marketing analytics will help your business gain a competitive edge over those simply utilizing a call center solution. But even if your business is simply looking for the marketing analytics edge, CallTrackingMetric’s most basic plan starts at an affordable $19 per month, with unlimited users, and some advanced features including call recording, the ability to send and receive text messages, route calls by a schedule or IVR menus, and conference call capabilities. Not to mention the most critical integrations with Google Analytics and AdWords are included.

But beyond offering a complete solution, un-seen in the rest of the market, CallTrackingMetrics is also able to expand their coverage to over 57 different countries around the globe. We aren’t talking just the standard European countries your business would expect, but also expansion into the Asian and Pacific Market as well as the Middle East. CallTrackingMetrics truly offers a global platform for any international business that requires both call center functionality, with in-depth call tracking and analytics.

Year after year, CallTrackingMetrics has been awarded the Fortune5000 and Fortune500 fastest growing company awards, signaling constant innovation. With plans ranging from the affordable Business Plan, all the way up to a fully-fledged Contact Center Plan with custom white labeling functionality, CallTrackingMetrics is equipped to serve any business of any size, in almost any region.

  • CallTrackingMetrics Call Reports
    CallTrackingMetrics Call Reports
  • CallTrackingMetrics Agent Performance Reports
    CallTrackingMetrics Agent Performance Reports
  • CallTrackingMetrics Agency Dashboard
    CallTrackingMetrics Agency Dashboard
  • CallTrackingMetrics Call Tracking Dashboard
    CallTrackingMetrics Call Tracking Dashboard
  • CallTrackingMetrics Accessing Calls
    CallTrackingMetrics Accessing Calls

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