CallRail brings complete visibility to the marketers who rely on quality inbound leads to boost success and sustain growth...
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Its the easiest software I have ever used in a professional setting where your business is able to record calls and play them back to multiple people. Many of us listen to them and are able to learn from them.

Were also able to track whether or not they’re a good lead for our business or not, which is super helpful to know and keep tabs on.

The one biggest con is you need internet access to listen to the call, which I understand but can be difficult at times. I dont really have many complaints about the software. Its great.

I would use any other software for tracking phone calls in the work place.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Provides invaluable insights into the calls that we receive including; what their source was, keywords they searched for, location, etc.

This has helped us immensely when we need to attribute leads to sources to determine ROI.

I also like that our team can go in and review the calls, and provide coaching.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Lots of integrations that all work really well (we frequently utilize WebHooks/Slack to instantly alert sales teams, and the HubSpot integration to get new calls logged into our CRM in real-time).

Generating unique ad extension numbers and tracked number pools for landing pages used for paid advertising campaigns has been crucial to assessing performance through those channels, as well.

We’ve also gotten pretty creative with developing call flows, which can be built out alongside your existing auto-attendant setup and utilize custom menus, scheduling (particularly useful for bi-coastal companies), round robin call distribution, and more.

As a sales and marketing outsourcing and consulting firm, we have an agency-like setup with access to multiple accounts, so we can easily serve and administer call tracking for our clients from a single login, and grant selective access to other users.

If you’re trying to patch holes in lead attribution for your marketing team or just want to ensure you’re never missing out on an opportunity coming from the phones, CallRail is your solution.

Support documentation can sometimes take a couple of readthroughs to understand, and navigating the menus can be a little confusing on occasion.

We’ve been able to automatically log our inbound call data and read between the lines on data like campaign sources to help justify sales and marketing spend.

The marketing team sees benefit, the sales team catches more leads… CallRail is an all-around winning system.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Callrail provides accurate, real-time information on number of calls as well as date and time of calls, duration, missed calls , marketing source and call content .

I wouldn’t want to have an Online Sales program without CallRail. Great value as well.

No complaints at this time. Everything has gone smoothly after we started to understand how to set up the tracking numbers to our web pages, etc.

I haven’t looked into tracking OSA return calls but would like more info on that. More training might be good but I’m satisfied so far.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Customer support is excellent when we have an issue.

The platform is very user-friendly; our clients and staff picked it up very easily.

Initially setting up clients was a bit confusing; we had to relaunch after we set our clients up.

It wasn’t too hard, we just missed it initially.


Would Recommend: Yes
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Love that we can get an email every time we get a call. This helps us immediately provide feedback to our employees on the quality of their call.

I don’t like that the email listening function doesn’t have more information about the call.

Longer calls take too much time to review without the speed up function available in the email, so we have to log in to the website then.


Would Recommend: Yes
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It’s ease of use. While training is required for most software, this one is so intuitive that training needs are minimal

Sometimes, all the functionality is not clear. If it’s not easily discoverable on its own, it still requires some training


Would Recommend: Yes
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As an agency that’s built its client list around Search Advertising expertise, we long struggled with ways to coach our small to medium-sized clients on the importance of lead scoring.

When we discovered CallRail, it was almost like someone had purposefully designed a tool to permanently end our struggles.

With CallRail, all of the minutiae of call tracking and scoring is handled by an easy and intuitive system. The options are right there for scoring and playback is as simple a process as could have been created.

Seriously, the controls are large, pronounced, and impossible to misinterpret. That’s good UX right there.

Now, we have a system that allows our clients to exercise Quality Control and gives us the data we need to prove ROI to clients who have a hard time making the connection between lead generation and closing the deal.

After all, as a Paid Search agency we can only deliver the leads, we can¿t close them. So, we recommend CallRail to every single client we have ¿ no matter what they sell.

Better support for agencies that manage accounts, better admin system for multiple users, having to use multiple browser can be frustrating.


Would Recommend: Yes
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The software is easy to use and review analytics, you can quickly add new numbers and make them active! The reports give you everything you need to make smart business decisions.

None bro! The software is easy to use and review analytics, the reports give you everything you need to make smart business decisions!


Would Recommend: Yes
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I love that it integrates with Agency Analytics, that is where I first came to hear about it. It also allows me to integrate with Google Analytics, Adwords and Unbounce so I can track my ROI for clients. Finally, the pricing is reasonable and I’m able to sell my clients on it.

It’s a little confusing to get a handle on because there are so many features you can use. The documentation could use more images to walk users through how to setup different integrations.

Tracking phone call ROI for clients.


Would Recommend: Yes
Provider Overview
CallRail brings complete visibility to the marketers who rely on quality inbound leads to boost success and sustain growth.

CallRail customers live in a results-driven world, and giving them a clear view into their digital marketing efforts is a first priority for CallRail. Often overlooked by other marketing tools or analytics platforms, CallRail sees the opportunities in surfacing and connecting data from calls, forms, chat and beyond—helping their customers achieve better outcomes.  CallRail’s leads-focused analytics platform brings clarity to its customer’s digital marketing efforts. CallRail works within your existing workflow, helps improve your spends quickly, and provides tools that are beautiful, intuitive and helpful.

The CallRail platform is powered by a team of passionate and hardworking leaders and contributors. CallRail puts its customers first and is dedicated to working on what makes sense for them and doing that well.

The customer has the answers, CallRail is the force multiplier.

CallRail Pricing and Services

  • Call Tracking – starting at $45/month
    • 5 numbers
    • 250 local minutes
    • 100 text messages
    • Offline call tracking
    • Online call tracking
    • Keyword-level attribution
    • Dynamic number insertion
    • WordPress & Wix plugins
    • Unlimited users
    • Custom reporting
    • Email summary reports
    • Call notifications
    • Free call recording
    • Call scoring
    • Call forwarding
    • Standard call flow builder
  • Lead Center – starting at $30/month *requires Call Tracking plan
    • Inbound and Outbound Calling
    • Texting (SMS & MMS)
    • Online Form Response
    • Unified Interactions Inbox
    • Call Routing
    • Teams
    • Call Queueing
    • Call Transfers
    • Agent Availability Settings
    • Agent Voicemail
    • Call Qualification and Tagging
    • Call Notes
    • Call Recording
    • Caller Interactions History
    • Mobile iOS and Android Apps
    • Live Call Monitoring
  • Conversation Intelligence – starting at $50/month *requires Call Tracking plan
    • Automated call transcriptions
    • Automated call scoring
    • AI-powered lead tagging
    • Keyword spotting
  • Form Tracking – starting at $50/month *requires Call Tracking plan
    • Custom form builder
    • Lead tracking
    • Multi-touch attribution modeling
    • Cost-per-lead reporting
    • Form scoring

Editor’s Bottom Line on CallRail

CallRail is easily one of the strongest choices for any small to midsize business that is looking to gain deep insights into their marketing campaigns, and overall customer satisfaction. Starting at only $45 a month, businesses can access to an impressive list of features, with even the most important tools offered at such a low price point. One of CallRail’s truly unique features, the machine learning powered Automated Call Scoring functionality, which ranks the quality of the lead, is even provided within their most basic plan.

Users also gain access to robust functionality like a custom call flow builder to direct callers to the agent or representative best equipped to handle their inquiry. With other great features like Whisper Messages to agents during calls, the ability to block and filter calls, and conversation intelligence, your business can completely revolutionize the level of service representatives are able to provide. But beyond just improving customer satisfaction, CallRail’s main service is in Call Tracking.

Dynamic Number Insertion automatically assigns a new number to each individual campaign both online and offline in order to gain deep insight into the success, or lack of, in different marketing campaigns. But CallRail doesn’t stop there, with intense keyword tracking, and a complete Visitor Timeline to understand how customers and clients interact with your business’s website. CallRail manages to squeeze all of this right into their most basic plan.

But beyond just features, CallRail users receive different usage limitations based on their plan of choice, with the even the most basic plan offering a generous 5 phone numbers, 250 local minutes and 100 text messages. While their focus may be on the SMB side of the market, CallRail does also offer an Elite plan, custom tailored to your business and its specific requirements. Overall, CallRail offers both an affordable and feature packed solution accessible to any business of any size.

  • CallRail Call Log
    CallRail Call Log
  • CallRail Conversation Intelligence
    CallRail Conversation Intelligence
  • CallRail Form Attribution Report
    CallRail Form Attribution Report
  • CallRail Lead Center
    CallRail Lead Center
  • CallRail Visitor Timeline
    CallRail Visitor Timeline

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