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CallRail, the Atlanta, Georgia based call analytics and tracking provider, has been offering their services to over 50,000 companies...
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Provider Overview

CallRail, the Atlanta, Georgia based call analytics and tracking provider, has been offering their services to over 50,000 companies since their initial inception in 2001. Ranked as one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, CallRail has managed to solidify their position in the call tracking market as a top choice for SMBs.

CallRail offers the standard features users would expect from a call tracking and analytics solution, but also goes a bit further with unique features like the ability to track visitor’s interactions with your website, every step of the way. With affordable monthly plans, CallRail offers a compelling solution for even the smallest teams to gain a new marketing advantage.

Pricing Plans and Included Features

Starter – $30/mo (Most popular plan)

Included features:

  • Complete Call Analytics
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Keyword & Visitor Tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Live Call Dashboard
  • Custom Call Flows
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google AdWords Integration
  • Integrations & API
  • Local and Toll Free Numbers
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Complete Visitor Timeline
  • Live Call Dashboard
  • Unlimited Company Accounts
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Real-Time Call Statistics
  • Email Call Notifications
  • Custom Call Flow Builder
  • Block & Filter Calls
  • Automated Call Scoring
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Whisper Messages
  • Easy Data Export
  • Form Tracking

Included Usage:

  • 10 Local Numbers
  • 500 Local Minutes
  • 100 Text Messages

Pro – $130/mo

Included features:

  • All Starter Features, plus
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Premium Integrations
  • Custom Logo & Branding
  • White Label Subdomain

Included Usage:

  • 20 Local Numbers
  • 2,500 Local Minutes
  • 500 Text Messages

Elite – Requires Quote

Included Features:

  • All Pro Features, plus
  • Designed for high volume
  • Managed account setup
  • Invoice & PO billing available

Included Usage:

  • Custom plans designed to fit your specific requirements
  • Plans tailored to each individual business

Editor’s Bottom Line

CallRail is easily one of the strongest choices for any small to midsize business that is looking to gain deep insights into their marketing campaigns, and overall customer satisfaction. Starting at only $30 a month, businesses can access to an impressive list of features, with even the most important tools offered at such a low price point. One of CallRail’s truly unique features, the machine learning powered Automated Call Scoring functionality, which ranks the quality of the lead, is even provided within their most basic plan.

Users also gain access to robust functionality like a custom call flow builder to direct callers to the agent or representative best equipped to handle their inquiry. With other great features like Whisper Messages to agents during calls, the ability to block and filter calls, and conversation intelligence, your business can completely revolutionize the level of service representatives are able to provide. But beyond just improving customer satisfaction, CallRail’s main service is in Call Tracking.

Dynamic Number Insertion automatically assigns a new number to each individual campaign both online and offline in order to gain deep insight into the success, or lack of, in different marketing campaigns. But CallRail doesn’t stop there, with intense keyword tracking, and a complete Visitor Timeline to understand how customers and clients interact with your business’s website. CallRail manages to squeeze all of this right into their most basic plan.

But beyond just features, CallRail users receive different usage limitations based on their plan of choice, with the even the most basic plan offering a generous 10 phone numbers, 500 local minutes and 100 text messages. While their focus may be on the SMB side of the market, CallRail does also offer an Elite plan, custom tailored to your business and its specific requirements. Overall, CallRail offers both an affordable and feature packed solution accessible to any business of any size.

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