With roots dating all the way back to 2001, CallCap was one of the, if not the, first company...
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With roots dating all the way back to 2001, CallCap was one of the, if not the, first company to offer real-time complete caller data, as well as a recording of the call. With headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, CallCap serves the entire United States, with tools designed to help businesses best serve customers, and gain control over their marketing investments.

CallCaps software enables a business to better understand the ROI of their marketing campaigns, as well as staff performance. The tools provided can help any business decrease costs, train new employees and agents, measure marketing campaign performance, and revolutionize interactions and conversations with clients.


CallCap Pricing and Services 


With a main focus on helping your business improve marketing campaigns and overall customer satisfaction, CallCap offers a number of different services to arm your business with the best tools possible.

Of course Call Tracking is a major aspect of what CallCap has to offer, but their services do expand a bit further beyond this one function. Lets break down all of CallCaps services and solutions.

  • Call Tracking – The best way to monitor marketing campaigns and determine which are the most effective is through call tracking. Assign an individual telephone number to different campaigns to gain insight on which are most effective. Other features of call tracking include:
    • Website call tracking
    • Test geographic areas with unique numbers
    • Test ads and online campaigns
  • Call Monitoring – Also referred to as call evaluation, call monitoring provides insight into how your business itself is preforming, specifically when it comes to phone lead conversations. Call monitoring helps your business understand how phone leads are converting into sales, or why perceived solid leads are not leading to sales. Other call monitoring features include:
    • Review sales statistics
    • Catalogue Item tracking
    • Review how much money is recovered from lost opportunities
  • Customer Contact – Easily keep customers in contact as well as monitoring results of leads with recorded outbound calls, automated voice surveys, appointment reminders, notifications, and more. Offer a truly personalized customer experience. Other customer contact features include:
    • Send surveys over the phone
    • Broadcast automated messages
    • Send customers text message reminders
    • Optimize with outbound call tracking
  • Call Recording – Any business that is routinely placing and receiving phone calls should absolutely be recording their calls. CallCap makes call recordings available online, accessible at any time and from any location to identify areas that might require additional training, as well as how to optimize service to provide a great experience. Other call recording features include:
    • Ensure recordings are safe with PCI compliance
  • Customer Recovery – With customer recovery tools, your business gains a second change to regain those potentially lost sales. Customer Recovery can provide agents with a notification that the call resulted in a negative business outcome, enabling your business to recontest that customer to potentially reverse the outcome into a sale. Other customer recovery features include:
    • Callsaver Queue
    • Email Recovery
  • Local and Toll-Free Numbers – CallCap offers both local and toll-free telephone numbers to best fit all aspects of your business. Offer local numbers to provider callers with a more personalized experience, and assign different numbers to different campaigns, or different phone lines, instantly. Other local and toll-free number features include:
    • Phone number routing
    • Phone number blacklists
    • Click-to-call


Editor’s Bottom Line on CallCap


Offering their services since 2001, CallCap claims they were the first provider to offer real-time call tracking, combined with call recording functionality. This dual combination has now become the standard for call tracking software solutions, and must have been revolutionary at the time. Serving the entire United States, CallCap makes it incredibly easy to obtain all of the necessary tools to completely monitor your business’ marketing campaigns, the effectiveness of services provided, and even customer satisfaction.

Flash forward to where we are now, about seventeen years in the future, and CallCap still provides their core services of call tracking and call recording, but has also expand to include entirely new solutions that can truly change the way your business operates from day to day, and ultimately save as much money as possible. Tools like call monitoring, combined with call recordings, allow for your business to gain true insight into how effective your agents and campaigns are, and identify areas that might require additional support.

Overall, CallCap offers the solutions your business needs to truly gain an insight on every operation, both inbound and even outbound, of any business in any industry that relies on phone conversations to handle both sales and support functions. CallCap even goes a bit further in offering the ability to test online ads and campaigns, test geographical locations and regions with local numbers, and offer your customers a truly simple experience with click-to-call functionality, and phone number routing.

As a unique offering, CallCap even provides businesses with the tools to gain a “second-chance” with missed leads and potential sales. Both Call and Email Recovery can be powerful tools, allowing agents to identify lost sales, where the process might have went wrong, and the ability to re-contact that lead to turn potentially gain a new sale. Overall, CallCap offers a unique combination of tools to help provide businesses with deep insights, and the capabilities to act on these newly found insights to revolutionize the sales process, and the customer experience.

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