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BCN/Solex is a cloud solutions suite which caters to businesses of all sizes. The Solex platform enables a seamless...
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Provider Overview

BCN/Solex is a cloud solutions suite which caters to businesses of all sizes. The Solex platform enables a seamless integration of cloud communications (voice and UC), cloud connectivity, cloud computing, managed services, storage and security by maintaining its own fast, redundant, and full-featured nationwide IP network.

The Solex network is built on a mesh of 10 Gigabit WDM circuits that interconnect 18 Points of Presence throughout the nation. Powered by Cisco’s next-generation ASR 9000 platform, their 100 Gigabit-ready core can achieve terabit scale. This geographically diverse, fully redundant, carrier-grade network eliminates all single points of failure past the customer’s access port. Intelligence built into the network provides rapid fault isolation and recovery by automatically detecting network events as they happen and optimally rerouting customer traffic.  Two US-based Network Operations Centers (NOCs) provide 24×7 monitoring

BCN/Solex Pricing and Services


Dedicated Internet Access*

Hosted Voice and UC*

  • One circuit converges voice and data requirements
  • HD voice quality
  • Enterprise-grade service options
  • Device-agnostic, anywhere, everywhere UC for a smarter, faster work environment
  • Single source solution
  • 24x7x365 live, experienced technical and customer support
  • Options:
    • Voice mailbox
    • Call Detail Record (CDR)
    • Portal Voice Manager Console (VMC)
    • portal Call Flow Manager (CFM) service
    • Auto-attendant
    • Geographic and TOD routing service
    • Account Codes (verified or non- verified)
    • Hoteling
    • Audio-conferencing
    • Contact Center
    • Call center service
    • Remote Call Forwarding (RCF)
    • Additional DIDs, out-of-market DIDs, toll-free
    • Additional emergency/911 registrations
    • Local DID, US, international toll-free
    • Local, long distance usage minute bundles
    • Call recording storage minute bundles
    • Web Collaboration
    • Unified Communications
    • Instant Messaging
    • Presence
    • MobileConnect (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows)

Multi-carrier Private Networking*


SIP Trunking*

Unified Threat Management ($45 – $350)

  • Options:
    • Firewall policies
    • Static Web Filtering
    • VPN
    • Web filtering, category-based
    • Anti-virus/anti-spyware
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
    • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

*Contact BCN for pricing

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