Basecamp is a cloud-based project and work management platform that has been around almost 20 years.  The company...
Chicago, IL
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Basecamp is a cloud-based project and work management platform that has been around almost 20 years.  The company started with just 4 people in Chicago and has grown tremendously.  Basecamp now serves over 100,000 companies around the globe and its founders have published a number of books on creating a happy and healthy workplace.  Basecamp was formerly called 37signals.  The name was changed to Basecamp in 2014.  It was named after the company’s most popular product, the Basecamp platform.

The main thing that makes Basecamp unique is its pricing structure.  It has a simple flat monthly fee for everyone.  While this may make Basecamp more of an investment than some other platforms that have pricing options, it is still an affordable option for SMBs.  The pricing structure also feels very democratic.  There won’t be any features that you miss out on, or feel like you’ve wasted money on.

Besides all of the features that we would expect from a work management platform, there are a few unique features that Basecamp offers.  It has an exclusive analytic tool called Hill Charts, which is used to tack progress in a visual way.  Another unique feature is a prominent display on the top of emails, tasks, comments and assignments specifying whether it is private or visible to clients (check out the screenshots for an example of this).  Finally, Basecamp can be used via email, so clients can reply directly to an email if they don’t want to use the Basecamp platform.

Aside from the powerful platform that Basecamp has, it primarily focuses on simplicity, clarity, ease-of-use and honesty.  Basecamp claims that it has invested heavily in infrastructure, great design, and customer service.  The result is an intuitive and fun platform.


Basecamp Pricing and Services


Free Trial

30 Days

Free Version


Target Audience

SMB to Enterprise


$99.00 per month


  • To-do Lists
  • Message Boards
  • Schedules
  • Documents & File Storage
  • Real-time Group Chat

  • Check-inQuestions

  • Client Access

  • Hill Charts

  • Direct Messages (Pings)

  • Email Forwards

  • Reports

  • Notifications

  • Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Public links
  • Centralized Agenda
  • Notification schedules
  • View teams & projects as cards or in a condensed list view
  • Customize every project
  • Embed YouTube videos, Tweets, and more
  • Themes
  • Daily Digest


  • Project Progress Tracking
    Project Progress Tracking
  • Projects Dashboard
    Projects Dashboard
  • Basecamp People Overview
    Basecamp People Overview
  • Basecamp Calendar Overview
    Basecamp Calendar Overview
  • Basecamp Daily Progress Overview
    Basecamp Daily Progress Overview
  • Client Approval
    Client Approval
  • Client View Toggles
    Client View Toggles

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