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Arena One was started in 1999 as a web hosting and email services provider; however, since then, the company...
New York, NY
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Arena One was started in 1999 as a web hosting and email services provider; however, since then, the company has grown into a full scale telecom provider. The provider’s primary service offerings include CloudCall Hosted PBX, Broadband Services (Metro Ethernet, Fiber Services, Wireless Microwave), and Co-Location management experts. With CloudCall Hosted PBX, users don’t need any equipment as the service is entirely hosted off site. Additionally, setup is fast and easy. In regards to pricing for this service, users pay one flat fee.  With Broadband solutions, each method has its own advantages. For example, Metro Ethernet offer 24x7x365 network monitoring, lower cost, easy to install/maintain, whereas Fiber services  offer MPLS/VPLS private network options, direct internet access (DIA), etc. Lastly, Co-Location management services allow users full use of the provider’s technical expertise. In regards to customer support, the provider offers a customer center where they can be contacted directly. Users can also open trouble tickets and download the toolbar, which enables users to make and accept calls as well as change telephone settings from within programs like Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

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