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Based out of Toronto, Accelerated Connections, or ACI, is a full voice and data network provider. As such the...
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Provider Overview

Based out of Toronto, Accelerated Connections, or ACI, is a full voice and data network provider. As such the provider offers a variety of Data and Voice Solutions. Data solutions include connectivity solutions (Fiber/LAN Extension, T1 Serial Connection, ADSL/DSL Connectivity, SDSL Connectivity), managed solutions (Managed Networks & VPN, Managed Monitoring, Private Networks, Shared Web Hosting), Enhanced Connectivity (Backup Connectivity, 3G Wireless Data, and Data Hardware), and Industry Applications (Financial, Food Service Industry, Professional, and Retail & Storefront solutions). Separate from this are the provider’s Voice solutions, which is a Hosted PBX solution. This solution includes a variety of feature sets including call handling options, call routing options, and a variety of standard VoIP features. Users can also select SIP Trunking services to further extend their IP PBX system. Additionally, ACI offers Coloaction services for both users (bandwidth, configurations, connectivity, etc.) and facilities (cooling systems, fire suppression, power systems, site security). Aside from these offerings the provider also has a number of resources at their disposal. For example, there are a number of pages dedicated to topology information of voice and data networks, partners, and carriers. There are also a number of tools and resources including Voice Tools, Blogs, Downloads, online portal, FAQs, Network Status, as well as self help and how to guides/manuals, Data hardware information, and Voice hardware resources.  Furthermore, customers can even contact the provider directly via phone, email, and direct message 24/7.

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