ShoreTel to Be Model VoIP for ANZ PartnersShoreTel is set to launch a new model of VoIP, a “partner hosted model,” for ANZ (Australia and New Zealand). Under this model, ANZ partners will be able to offer hosted or cloud-based services based off of ShoreTel’s technology; however, though the service will be modeled after the UC provider’s, it will not be a full offering. Instead, this new “partner hosted model” stops just short of the full hosted service ShoreTel provides to users in the US. While this may seem stingy to some, this is revelatory for both ShoreTel and ANZ.

According to Jamie Romanin, ShoreTel Managing Director ANZ, there is an increasing demand for this type of solution. “Increasingly, we’re seeing interest in the market for hybrid solutions, such as an on-premise core telephony deployment where advanced applications, such as ShoreTelMobility, are accessed as a service.” That being said, ShoreTel’s solution looks to be the ideal answer to this demand. Yet, despite consumers’ demands and an ideal provider solution, bandwidth is still an issue. In bunkering the cloud with features and services, users become heavily reliant on a high-speed connection. With bandwidth in its current state, users may not always be able to rely on that; therefore, redundancies must be put in place in addition to features.

Inversely, ShoreTel benefits from this partner model in that they expand past the US without overextending themselves. Under this mode ANZ is able to model service after ShoreTel service; therefore, ShoreTel doesn’t have to extend their service alone. Instead, the provider is able to expand their reach at ease. Also, new consumers will be exposed to ShoreTel, resulting in possible new users. Additionally, in being chosen to be a model, ShoreTel will definitely enjoy a boosted positive image. The provider’s offerings were selected as a model—this will undoubtedly generate some positive buzz for the provider.

Essentially, the partner hosted model means that ANZ partners can utilize and integrate ShoreTel services/solutions into existing cloud offerings. Subsequently, this provides consumers with a choice of traditional on-premise UC solutions, a consumption based model, or a mixture of the two. In preparation of this model (and with bandwidth restrictions in mind), ShoreTel has had 12 resellers servicing New Zealand while working with Telesmart to ensure optimum functionality, quality, stability, and security; therefore, when this model comes into fruition, it should do so without any major issues.

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