Polycom Business Phones to Improve ProductivityAs Polycom ships out their 10 millionth audio device, the UC&C (Unified Communications & Collaboration) provider shows no sign of slowing their production line. Instead, the company has introduced two new IP phone solutions, the VVX 300 (& VVX 310) and the VVX 400 (& VVX410), which look to further expand their VVX Business Media Phone portfolio. With each of these solutions, Polycom looks to improve productivity by providing devices that allow for greater collaboration between office and cubicle environments—i.e. call centers, front desks, and administrative and corporate offices. In doing so, Polycom’s new additions cater to entry level (300,310) and mid range (410) users.

The VVX 300 represents a quality entry-level solution. With 6 programmable line keys, the device is optimum for low-to-moderate call volume. Inversely, the VVX 400 is more a mid-range solution as it includes 12 programmable line keys and a larger color screen that optimizes ease of use and better call handling. Regardless of these differences, both phones boast three main features: ease of installation, ease of use, and extensive integration capability. Though each solution accounts for these qualities, users should not select a solution blindly. With each solution, function varies greatly; therefore, users should know the type of functions and capabilities they are looking for. If not, users can end up either overpaying for an unnecessary solution, or choosing a solution that isn’t fit for their use.

Prior to these new solutions, Polycom’s VVX platform (VVX 500 & 600) fit business phones with video capabilities. Now, the provider’s solutions are expanding and offering new plug-in expansion modules (for VVX 300, 400, 500, 600)—which optimize user management of high volume calls and contacts. The VVX Color Expansion Module comes equipped with 3 pages of line keys—each page supporting 28 illuminated bi-color programmable line keys. Aside from this, The VVX Expansion Module comes with 40 programmable line keys.

As stated above, each solution and module offers different function and feature; therefore, pricing varies on an individual basis. The VVX 300 will be available at $179 USD, while the 310 will go for $219 USD. Additionally, the VVX is set to fetch $259 USD, and the 410 $299 USD. Aside from the devices, the VVX expansion module will run users an additional $105 USD, and the VVX Color Expansion $225 USD.

Source: Polycom

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