Polycom took to the NASDAQ in New York this morning for a live stream on how they are changing the future of video collaboration. Presenting was Andrew Miller, President & CEO of Polycom. Over the course of his presentation, he stressed the desire to enable interoperability, and the ability to extend solutions. Historically, high costs, poor video quality, tough usability and a lack of scale to mobile devices have been a hindrance to video collaboration. In addition, he stressed the desire to enable interoperability, and to build on the ability to extend solutions.

Polycom President & CEO, Andrew Miller

Polycom Inc. says it has made the dream of simple and affordable video conferencing across multiple platforms and devices a reality. Historically, high costs, poor vidadoption. Polycom says it has solved all of these issues with new backwards-compatible solutions aimed at enterprises, SMBs and service providers – this is by taking an “industry first” approach, which aims to improve video collaboration universally through interoperable codecs. Polycom expects the video collaboration market to grow to nearly $12 billion in 2015, at a 16 percent compounded annual growth rate.

Industry Trends

The most significant of the new releases is a software download that triples video call capacity for a fraction of the cost of a video bridge, and the Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS suite, which allows customers to make a high-quality video call with someone on Skype, Facebook or FaceTime with a click of a button on their iPad tablet or Android phone.The video conferencing industry has been struggling with interoperability, collaboration and cloud adoption. Polycom is looking to eliminate this by creating ubiquitous collaboration by being a platform that connects all “disparate video islands”. CloudAXIS is designed with this in mind, and aims to revolutionize video conferencing by making collaboration available to anyone, anywhere. Participants can easily be added through the web-based platform via an intuitive drag and drop system from the left sidebar.

Polycom CloudAxis

CloudAXIS is a Web client with an HTML5 plug-in that allows organizations to video conference with any video application. CloudAXIS includes an intuitive self-service interface that that allows users to select video collaboration programs from a list and incorporate them into a corporate directory. A Polycom user can start a video call, web conference or instant message chat with up to 40 people by clicking and dragging their names from that directory into a session.  Users can also invite people from outside the corporate network. CloudAXIS will send them an IM with a link to the Polycom video conference. This aspect of the product requires no software download. People outside the corporate firewall can join these sessions through their preferred Web browser. Polycom’s new technology will foster interoperability as an add-on technology, and be compatible with multiple unified communication solutions like Microsoft Lync.


Other noteworthy announcements from Polycom’s presentation include:

  • RealPresence Collaboration Server 800s, Virtual Edition, a multi-protocol software MCU that runs on industry-standard servers.
  • SmartPairing technology allowing tablet users to use sonic pairing to share information and have the ability to swipe a call from an iPad to a larger video conferencing room screen.
  • RealPresence Group Series 300, 500 and 700, the next-generation of video collaboration endpoints enabled for high definition.
  • An updated user interface (UI) made to make video calling available to anyone in any environment

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