FonalityFonality, always changing the game in business communications solutions for small and mid-size businesses, announced today a new release of the Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile application, delivering extensive contact center features. The application now offers users 100 percent management and visibility of individual queues via both tablets and mobile smartphones. Fonality's innovation makes the application one of the most “feature-rich” in the industry today – an intricate, visual call center on-the-go.

HUD Mobile equips and empowers the mobile workforce with cloud-based VoIP communications and contact center capabilities in a single-view, secure, easy to utilize interface via Apple's iOS or Android platform. This announcement represents a first step in an ongoing “innovation series” of rollouts over the coming months to help growing businesses save time, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs. The solution can now be accessed by Fonality's 200,000 plus end-users across its entire cloud-based and hybrid-hosted product line, including: Fonality Connect, Fonality PBXtra and Fonality trixboxPro.

“Mobility is without question a must-have to drive productivity especially for SMBs and we’ve already seen broad adoption of Fonality HUD Mobile,” said Fonality’s Chief Technology Officer Rick Bushell. “By enhancing contact center features and making the app available our entire solution base, all of our customers can work from anywhere, anytime. We are committed to delivering smart, simple and affordable business phone solutions to small businesses. HUD Mobile and the upcoming feature releases were designed to help our customers communicate more efficiently, giving them the competitive edge they need for growth.”

In the same fashion as the desktop version, the exclusive Fonality HUD Mobile technology keeps all activities contained within a portable queue, including current and pending calls. These can be accessed using real-time performance metrics for quality control. Management will enjoy a 360-degree view of all communications, including a color-coded agent status, noting call types and their duration. In addition, they have the ability to record calls on-the-fly or “barge” into a current call, use monitor or whisper modes. Agents can also log in and out of queues at will to maintain a high level of professionalism and customer service.

“As a global wine distributor we are extremely busy and often work remotely,” said Justin Hammer, vice president of B-21. “Because our industry is so competitive, we have to be in touch with our global network of buyers to ensure that we have the most popular wines available as quickly as possible. Fonality HUD Mobile allows us to stay connected around the world so we can make quick purchasing decisions to add the latest wines to our catalog. This flexibility has improved our productivity and profitability, because we can stock wines faster. In fact, we recently secured a new wine, made it available online and sold out within a single day solely because of the efficiencies enabled by Fonality HUD Mobile. It is a real difference maker!”

The mobile solution connects phones, desktops and critical business applications with access to presence and collaboration capabilities, incorporating much of the same features as the destop version. “Find me/follow me” provides seamless connectivity between desktop and mobile devices, along with unified communications, messaging and Microsoft Outlook integration. For improved productivity, other features include company directory, visual voicemail, virtual conference room access, as well as photo caller ID, ring-back and on-the-fly call recording. Wi-Fi connectivity can also be activated to conserve minutes and control costs.

The release of Fonality's HUD mobile is only the first of five to be released over the next five months. All future developments are being designed to enhance unified communications for small to medium businesses. The pending creations are being titled, the “Fonality Five”, and if all goes well,  the circle will be complete by the end of 2012. 

​Source: Fonality PR

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