Fonality's Heads Up Display (HUD) has been one of the gold standards in VoIP desktop software. Now, Fonality is beta-testing a new web client aimed to reinvent the way small and medium sized business communicate. The new client is designed to work on and with any device, be it tablet or PC, Mac, PC, or Android. According to Fonality CEO David Scult, “Since it lives in the browser, there are no boundaries — as long as SMB users can connect to the web from a desktop or smartphone, they can easily communicate and conduct business efficiently.”

The aim of Fonality's new web client is to transform the way SMBs communicate internally by making the experience more like a social network.The browser-based environment will enable users to share files and do desktop sharing. It has API integration with popular social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, CRM software such as Salesforce, and cloud storage and backup sites, like Carbonite. It is designed to function as a community dashboard by empowering users to categorize workflow based on people, groups, and conversations.

By being web based, users of the new Fonality web client will be to quickly and easily upgrade to new versions, integrating new features, as soon as they are available. The platform is touch-friendly for smartphones and tablets, which will make it both easier and more fun for users, both key attributes to the successful integration of any new software.

The new web client will be available with limited availability for testing in November, and existing Fonality users who want to to test out the new system are encouraged to go to Fonality has already tested and released HUD Mobile, and Fonality Voicemail Transcription, and the new Web Client will be the third in the “Fonality Five.” The completed Fonality Web Client will be available to Fonality customers in early 2013.

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