Leading provider of cloud communications and computing solutions, 8×8, Inc., was issued a brand new patent related to its contact/call center technologies. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded patent number 8,243,913 to the business VoIP provider, which is entitled “Limited Contact in a Networked Contact Center Environment”.

8×8 was established in 1987, and has since been awarded eighty-two (82) U.S. patents spanning across a variety of voice and video communications, signaling, processing, and cloud storage technologies. The most recent patent focuses on limiting contact to a networked contact center or call center that is host to multiple tenants. Breaking down the patent, it is engineered so a communication's contact rate value may be examined in order to make the determination whether to allow the communication to reach contact center resources. The contact rate value represents an allowable quantity of contact that may be made within a certain time interval. In other words, the patent allows for determination of whether the network contact center is to inevitably accept or reject the communication based on this value. 

8×8, Inc. recently made an appearance at the 15th Annual Oppenheimer & Co. Tech Conference and also reported record revenues for the first quarter of this fiscal year. The business VoIP provider is constantly making big strides in the IP telephony industry, stirring up a lot of excitement and innovation along the way. 

​Source: 8×8, Inc. PR

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