Nextiva has released its newest version of NextOS, offering companies both internal and external communications all in one platform. The newest version of the solution provides phone, email, chat, collaboration, screen share, and SMS, making it the ultimate streamlined communications and collaboration platform.

The new release continues to cement Nextiva’s place as a leader in the business VoIP field. In the press release sharing news of the new update, Tomas Gorny, CEO and co-founder of Nextiva, discussed the importance of this newest release.

“With the new release of NextOS, we are taking big steps toward what we envision for the future of customer and team communication,” said Gorny. “After our internal piloting and onboarding 100 beta customers early this year, we are making NextOS available for companies of all sizes to connect teams and customers on a single platform.”


What is NextOS?

NextOS is Nextiva‘s customer experience solution. The platform, which initially announced in 2018, was designed to make communicating with customers and colleagues a breeze. In addition to communication, it allows you to manage users, features, billing, customer data, business trends, analytics, and more.

As we previously reported, NextOS allows your company to gain a new understanding of every interaction, piece of data, and metric worth analyzing — and all that information can be found in one place. This streamlined tool was made possible by combining four existing Nextiva solutions:

  • Nextiva’s industry-leading Unified Communications solution.
  • A database for customer history, relationships, case management, and employee information.
  • Nextiva’s customer support instant messaging tool that allows you to connect with your website visitors in real time.
  • Nextiva’s survey tool to help you collect information from your customers, prospects and teams.

The tool has evolved since our original article, continuing to find new ways to offer customers seamless communications from one platform.


What’s Changed in the Newest Version of NextOS?

The newest release of NextOS has improved upon the previous version by delivering communication applications with business software, along with artificial intelligence and workflow automation. With improved business applications, the solution allows you to eliminate multiple and fragmented applications from your software stack. You can do it all from NextOS.

This promises Nextiva users enterprise-grade reliability and performance. The new NextOS release delivers a fast, reliable, and secure cloud-based system. Users can take advantage of the following improvements to the platform:

  • Streamline sales pipelines, manage service cases, and proactively resolve issues with NextOS’ new intelligent tools.
  • Automate workflows so you can reduce manual steps and deliver excellent customer experiences consistently.
  • Make smarter decisions by utilizing data from each interaction
  • Analyze customer data to provide a highly-personalized experience for each of your customers


What the New NextOS Means for Nextiva 

Nextiva is the official communications partner for the Pac-12. It was that partnership that inspired updates to NextOS. Members of the Pac-12 are scattered around the country, as are Nextiva’s vendors and partners. NextOS’ unified dashboard was their answer to make communications across all points simpler.

But with the coronavirus pandemic forcing much of the workforce to be remote for the foreseeable future, this platform benefits Nextiva customers in any industry.

Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research spoke to the value of the platform’s unified nature.

“Nextiva brings innovative communications and collaboration services to businesses of all sizes,” said Jim Lundy, CEO, and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research. “With all the tools in one place, businesses in a wide range of industries can begin to develop deeper connections with customers.

With a performant price model and strong platform, enterprise organizations should evaluate Nextiva and its NextOS platform for cloud-managed communications and collaboration deployments.”

NextOS is a simple way to keep businesses connected from any location. The pandemic will likely change the face of the workforce forever, meaning that remote work will be far more common moving forward. Nextiva’s solution can power many of those businesses.

Gorny stated that this new release for NextOS is the first step on Nextiva’s journey toward rapid innovation.

“With over 1 billion conversations on our platform, our scale gives us the ability to bring predictions and intelligence to businesses,” he said.

Gorny teased the fact that Nextiva is continuing to look for ways to enable better conversations and smarter decisions for all its customers. We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what Nextiva comes up with next.