Vonage, which is known as a global leader in cloud communications, has announced that Vonage Contact Center offerings will be expanded to include seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With this integration, businesses will have access to six call center software applications that are designed to assist in sales, customer service, finance, field service, project service automation, and marketing. Each application also works with other existing Vonage integrations to help streamline workflows for your team. 


Bringing Better Insights into the Contact Center

For businesses that are already working within the Microsoft ecosystem, this integration provides an increased ability to provide personalized customer engagement during contact. The cloud-based solution will help contact centers to:

  • Empower agents by providing a unified digital interface
  • Gain insight into customer information that will make agents more knowledgeable
  • Deliver an overall enhanced customer experience that’s more personalized

“As we continue to grow and build upon the success of our integration portfolio, the expansion of these strategic partnerships enables Vonage to provide differentiated solutions and services that allow businesses to transform how they communicate and operate from the office or anywhere across the globe,” said Jay Patel, Chief Product Officer for Vonage.

“Expanding our global partnership with Microsoft to deliver the powerful combination of Vonage Contact Center and Dynamics 365 not only increases the value of our customers’ technology investment, but delivers the tools agents need to deepen customer relationships through data, digital workflows, and an easy-to-use, unified interface.”

With the new integration option, businesses will transform how they communicate with customers. It builds upon what’s already available for Vonage users and adds some critical applications for communicating and collaborating like Microsoft Teams. 

This will create an optimized Microsoft environment that benefits Vonage customers. For example, when communicating with a customer, an agent uses Teams to confer with sales associates or marketing to ensure that they are providing top-notch and accurate information.


What Vonage Contact Center for Dynamics 365 Means

“Microsoft is happy to have Vonage as a part of the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem, offering its Contact Center Platform to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers and partners,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. “By integrating its solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Vonage offers an integrated Contact Center experience that is built for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.”

Vonage Contact Center for Microsoft Dynamics has the ability to pull data from any Dynamics object/record which can then be used to make intelligent routing decisions. This means that users are not just limited to contacts, for example, but can leverage data from any object that’s related to the number calling in. For example, the ability to look up if there are any open cases, leads, opportunities, accounts, then based on that data, make intelligent decisions on how to handle that call.

This integration works seamlessly to optimize workflows for companies that utilize multiple solutions to communicate. It enables capabilities that drive internal collaboration as well as external engagement with customers anywhere in the world. Some of the features that the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 will provide businesses include:

  • A sleek, single-screened agent experience that is easy to understand and utilize
  • Screen pop-ups that will provide agents with critical information 
  • A click-to-dial option for easily dialing customers from inside the Dynamics platform 
  • Automatic logging of customer data into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Dynamically routing customers based on data found in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Tracking key performance metrics and analytics that are critical for contact centers


Vonage Continues to Showcase Their Dedication to CCaaS

“The new integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 extends the power of the Vonage family of business applications to companies that have chosen Microsoft’s CRM solution to power their customer support and sales operations,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics. 

“For the past two years, Vonage has worked to tightly integrate its Vonage Contact Center with its unified communications solution, Vonage Business Communications, offering the integrated suite of enterprise communications solutions that businesses need more than ever in these challenging times.”

We’ve already presented Vonage as one of the five best contact center as a service (CCaaS) providers, and this announcement cements their position. Already, centers can expect some pretty strong features like TCPA and HIPAA compliance, and this new round of integrations will make managing customer data easier for those businesses that use Dynamics 365. 

This move broadens what customers can expect on the Vonage Contact Center platform – users of Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service will particularly find this useful. 

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