With the work from home policies forced upon organizations and educational institutions by coronavirus and CDC rules, every small business and government moved fast to adapt. Social distancing, which is designed to limit the public’s exposure to the virus and cut down the infection rate, will reduce the spread of the virus but requires drastic measures.

Business communication service providers like RingCentral are making a drastic response to assist to accommodate remote work for non-commercial entities.

RingCentral, Inc is a leader in unified communications and team collaboration software in the commercial sector. They’ve announced a program providing free access to their Office platform for non-profits, schools, and healthcare providers for 90 days.


RingCentral Makes Remote Learning Easier


Based on recent figures published by UNESCO, 85 countries have closed down schools on a national level, which is unprecedented. 776.7 million students are being directly affected by these school closures, and software like RingCentral Office helps them keep up with their studies, even if they are studying at home.

In many municipalities, schools aren’t expected to reopen until at least April, so delivering a means for children and teens to keep up is a significant move.

With RingCentral Office, educators modify their syllabi for distance learning. Students use the provider’s cloud-based free video conferencing features to quickly log in to their lessons while working from home. RingCentral offers this for schools that educate grades 1-12.

In addition to the Ringcentral Meetings’ video conferencing features, screen sharing, team messaging, virtual phone numbers, and even SMS and their mobile app are free to educational institutions. Teachers can use each to do things like reach out to students without the use of a personal number or to quickly collaborate with colleagues about lesson plans.


Non-profits Become Virtual Offices


This critical RingCentral offer also benefits non-profits that depend on volunteer workforces to manage their various campaigns. Software for unified communications and outbound dialing has been used by these organizations for years, but contact centers are becoming more of a risk due to COVID-19.

With RingCentral Office, organizations that work in the non-profit sector will have tools that will allow them to keep operations up to standard.

Not every non-profit campaign is remote work-friendly but many non-profits have been shifting to virtual offices for outbound phone calls. Dialing from home protects volunteers from exposing themselves to viral contagion in the office.

With RingCentral Office’s web conferencing, development and fundraising teams can plan campaigns with their volunteers collaborating from home. This keeps the momentum on a campaign without exposing staff, volunteers, or supporters to the pandemic on mass transit, the office, or an event.

Non-profits depend on live events to secure funding and educate the public about their cause. However, authorities are demanding we avoid gathering to halt the global pandemic. With RingCentral Office, non-profits can host video meetings for up to 500 people or up to 1,000 attendees in an audio conference.


Health Organizations Stay Connected with Patients


There’s no question about it: healthcare organizations are getting hit the hardest by the pandemic. Hospitals are set to be overwhelmed by the disease, so how can a VoIP service provider like RingCentral help? Business phone service, when used by these organizations, provides safe patient contact. An increasing number of patients are implementing self-quarantine to preserve their well-being, and they can be called for virtual checkups via both business phone systems and video chat.

Also, faxing documentation to these patients is easy thanks to RingCentral’s cloud-based faxing capabilities. RingCentral is also a HIPAA/HITECH compliant provider, so any information transmitted through RingCentral Office will be secure and encrypted.


RingCentral Unlocks Remote Work for Non-Profits


RingCentral is willing to give back in this time of genuine need. RingCentral Office helps students continue to learn, enables non-profits to continue to respond to the crisis, and connects healthcare organizations. The sheer impact of having three months of VoIP-related service from an enterprise provider like RingCentral at no cost makes a palpable difference.

In a time of crisis, social distancing will allows organizations to provide vital services and maintain order during the pandemic. Head directly to the RingCentral’s signup page to find out more about this offer.