Whether you’re a current Nextiva subscriber or an organization looking for a new unified communications solution, navigating the world of business VoIP phone service requires an understanding of what’s under the hood. Nextiva has some great features, but Nextiva alternatives are offering some of the best features for business communications.

The industry looks at companies like Nextiva as a leader in UC solutions and business phone service. Nextiva reviews show that they offer an ease of use, and exceptional customer service that rival other top providers. While a leading cloud service provider, enterprises requiring integration, video conferencing, and business VoIP service might look at some of Nextiva’s competitors.

Here are the top Nextiva alternatives:


The company has been releasing a wave of GoToMarketplace integrations. Jive is an enterprise-grade UC solution that is agile and well-supported by a large app ecosystem. The service is also free for the first month for new subscribers. Jive allows its users to utilize their computer, desk phone, or mobile device for unified communications.


GoToConnect Pricing and Plans

GoToConnect has a list of features that are shared across plans thanks to the latest release of GoToMarketplace integrations. The chief difference between each is the number of users that are accommodated. As you can see, the plans become cheaper with more users, making it one of the more competitive Nextiva alternatives. Jive’s line is, “Honest pricing. No Surprises,” and that does ring true. They only have a monthly service plan rather than a monthly with a cheaper way to pay on an annual basis. Here’s what they have to offer:

Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four Tier Five
Number of users 1-4 5-9 12-24 25-49 50+
Price (per user) $29.95 $25.95 $23.95 $21.95 $19.95


Included with all Plans

 Auto-Attendants  Dial by Extension
 Call Barge  Speed Dial
 Call Logs  Whisper
 Call Analytics  Call History
 Conference Bridges  Call Queues
 Three-way Conferencing  Call Routing
 Custom greetings  Unlimited Domestic Calls


GoToConnect Features

GoToConnect is a full-featured product that is designed to meet a variety of business communication needs. The service has PBX call routing, conference calling, video conferencing, and advanced system features like automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR). GoToConnect is one of the most scalable Nextiva alternatives for just about any size organization – from small business to enterprise. Companies can try out the service before making a decision thanks to a two-month free trial.



GoToConnect is a product that provides the same high number of features for all pricing tiers. The pricing drops based on the number of users. GoToConnect has a strong support experience, but it can take a while thanks to longer holds.
GoToConnect has the recently-announced GoTo Marketplace to help round out any missing tools with third-party support. This includes integrations for CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho. GoToConnect doesn’t provide video conferencing functionality. Fortunately, this is covered by its GoToConnect partner, GoToMeeting.
GoToConnect is laser-focused on security. Provides high-level encryption for any device, both in transit and at-rest.  When GoToConnect initiates updates, companies will have to manually reboot handsets.

More about GoToConnect:


8x8 is another company that’s been active in the communications space for decades, and with that experience comes a wealth of features. The company’s X Series is a tool that allows businesses to reach out to leads across a variety of channels.


8×8 Pricing and Plans


Insofar as plans, 8×8 has a straightforward plan structure that is billed monthly – there is no annual pricing schema. Here’s what’s available from the 8×8, one of the most competitive Nextiva alternatives:

X Series X2 X Series X4 X Series X6 X Series X8
 Price (per user) $25 $45 $110 $172
 Unlimited Calling (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Call Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited Calling Internationally 14 countries 47 countries 47 countries 47 countries
 Business SMS Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Operator Switchboards No Yes Yes Yes
 Reporting and Analytics No No Yes Yes

8×8 Features


8×8 grants its customers multiple plan options to best fit their business demands. The company recently announced a completely free video conferencing offering available to all. This platform increases the value of their offerings, especially for companies looking for value-driven Nextiva alternatives.



8×8 has a wide variety of plans that will grant businesses options as they scale in size. 8×8 charges more for premium customer support. This offers “front of the line pass” and “accelerated response” features.
8×8 offers onboarding to help get new customers acclimated. 8×8’s per user port fees are higher than many of their competitors.
The software integrates well with multiple third-party solutions. Salesforce analytics aren’t available with the X2 or X5 Virtual Office plans.

More about 8×8:


RingCentral is considered one of the leading companies in the communications space. The provider is also a very good pick for those that need mobile-friendliness. RingCentral has a guaranteed uptime, and there are features designed to help businesses that are hit with the unfortunate instance of a service outage.


RingCentral Pricing and Plans


Since we presented Nextiva as an excellent alternative to RingCentral in the past, it’s only fair that we take a look at RingCentral as one of our Nextiva alternatives. RingCentral is a service provider that offers both monthly and annual paying options. We’ve listed the annual plans in our table, but if you are looking for a month-to-month subscription, all monthly plans are $10 more per month when you opt to pay this way. Here’s are the plan details:

Essentials Standard Premium Ultimate
 Price (per user) $19.99 $24.99 $34.99 $49.99
 Unlimited Calling (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Voicemail-to-Text Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited Audio  Meetings No Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited Internet Fax No Yes Yes Yes
 Automatic Call Recording No No Yes Yes
 CRM Integration No No Yes Yes

RingCentral Features


RingCentral is at the top of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for UCaaS for the past  5 years. The service has a highly functional call management capability with ACD and IVR, as well as monitoring functionality. Unlike other Nextiva alternatives, it also has the simul-ring technology, which is a routing system that sends a call immediately to another rep when the line is busy.


Another feature, RingCentral Persist, allows communications stations the capability to contact one another during an emergency and also provides access to emergency services. This feature is available even when there is no connection. Instances of outage are rare; the company has a 99.999% uptime SLA which is the bare minimum to expect from Nextiva alternatives.



Their UC software supports multiple channels. Not only is chat functionality available, but colleagues can also SMS text one another. RingCentral’s texting functions are known to glitch.
RingCentral is a provider that has a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Some RingCentral Meetings features, like Call Me, are only activated after contact with the company.
RingCentral Glip is a highly functional messaging and collaboration tool that allows for easy file sharing and task management. Both the Essentials and Standard plans only allow for four attendees per meeting.

More About RingCentral:


Vonage is a well-known VoIP brand with a consumer-level communications option. The company offers a business-grade UC offering, known as Vonage Business Cloud, that is robust and has ample agility and power for just about any size of organization.


Vonage Pricing and Plans


Vonage Business Cloud only presents a monthly payment option for its customers, but they do offer customized quotes for the business. Vonage also has a structure that is customizable based on your unique business needs, making it one of the top Nextiva alternatives. To seek out these options, the company will ask for a few company details and have a specialist contact you. Here’s a look at the standard plans:

Mobile Premium Advanced
 Price (per user) $19.99 $29.99 $39.99
 Unlimited Calling and SMS (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes
 Vonage Team Messaging Yes Yes Yes
 Multi-level Auto-Attendant No Yes Yes
 On-Demand Call Recording No No Yes
 Voicemail Transcription No No Yes
 CRM Integration No Yes Yes

Vonage Features


Vonage stands out among Nextiva alternatives because it has some of the best scalability on the market. The more lines a business has, the more affordable the solution becomes. Vonage provides a multi-level auto-attendant to route calls better than most Nextiva alternatives. For those businesses that use public broadband, Vonage has SmartWAN. SmartWAN is an SD-WAN solution that adds a degree of security for smaller companies.



Vonage has both iOS and Android mobile VoIP apps that provide a wide range of features. Pricing for Vonage is more geared towards enterprise clients – smaller businesses may find the service expensive.
Both unlimited calling and SMS are included for all plans. There’s no internet fax or voicemail transcription functionality.
The solution has a very robust set of CRM integrations. Apps like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Zoho are all supported. Vonage customer support doesn’t provide live chat options.

More About Vonage Business:


Dialpad is one of the VoIP providers that provides a free one-month trial to help convert those companies that are on the fence. The service provider will need to approve companies with more than five employees before okaying the trial process. Dialpad was formerly Uberconference, but it has since expanded into a wider UC solution.


Dialpad Pricing and Plans


Dialpad offers a monthly plan but subscribers are billed annually. The Fast Start Program for startups makes it one of the top Nextiva alternatives because it provides 10 free seats for life with Dialpad Pro and UberConference. The standard plans for Dialpad are as follows:

Standard Pro Enterprise
 Price (per user) $15 $25 Furnished by Provider
 Unlimited Calling (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes
 Custom Voicemail Greeting Yes Yes Yes
 Local Number Support in 50 Countries No Yes Yes
 Custom Off Hours Routing No Yes Yes
 Service Level Agreements No No Yes
 CRM Integration No Yes Yes

Dialpad Features


Dialpad offers some robust features like easy desk-to-desk calling and screen sharing for meetings. Both wired and Wi-Fi connections are very clear on calls with Dialpad. The UI that’s available for use with Dialpad is also very comprehensive and allows for more detailed fine-tuning than most Nextiva alternatives. The software also has an automated answering feature that allows up to nine options, including “dial by name.”



The VoiceAI feature collects data from calls as they happen. It will even transcribe these calls. Dialpad doesn’t offer real-time call monitoring functionality.
Dialpad offers extensive porting functionality. Businesses can even request vanity phone numbers. Dialpad only supports Polycom ObiHai and VVX desk phones.
The app is available for both iOS and Android, and features like text transcription for mobile devices are standard. Customer support could be better. The Better Business Bureau has grated Dialpad a D rating for its customer experience.

More About Dialpad:


Zoom Phone is a video-first solution that specializes in helping organizations produce quality conferences. As a tool, Zoom is compatible with a host of device types and has become known for crystal-clear web conferencing. Zoom has been in business since 2011 and has been considered a leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for meeting solutions.


Zoom Pricing and Plans


Zoom only offers monthly billing options for subscribers to its Zoom Phone to Enterprise users. It’s also one of the few Nextiva alternatives that provides a free basic plan. Here are the four plan types that you can select:

Basic Zoom Phone Pro Business Enterprise
 Price (per host, per user for Zoom Phone) Free $10 $14.99 $19.99 $19.99
 Number of Participants 100 N/A 100 300 500
 Cloud Meeting Recordings No N/A Yes Yes Yes
 Reporting No Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Security and Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 CRM Integrations No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Zoom Features


One of the most beloved aspects of Zoom is their accessibility. Not only are their plans well-priced, but the company’s basic plan is free. At higher plans, the service also scales significantly when it comes to attendee capacity, so for those businesses that have large meetings, Zoom is one of the most competitive Nextiva alternatives.



Zoom has a very varied plan structure. There’s even a free plan for users. The company doesn’t offer toll-free inbound numbers.
The company allows for a high number of meeting participants for their paid plans – even the basic plan allows for 100 participants. Encryption doesn’t come already configured – Zoom users must enable the functionality.
Zoom Meeting can provide typed transcripts and automatic recording for meetings after they’ve completed. The gallery-style view is limited to only 49 participants.

More about Zoom:


Another recent acquisition of LogMeIn, Grasshopper is a solution that’s well-geared for smaller organizations. For example, real estate agents and those that run small virtual offices will benefit from the calling features of Grasshopper.


Grasshopper Pricing and Plans


While standing out among Nextiva alternatives because of monthly pricing options listed below, Grasshopper also has a plan where you are billed annually. Compared to the monthly plans, the annual plan will save you $4 for Solo, $5 for Partner, and $9 for Small Business – all savings are calculated per month. For Grasshopper Connect, this pricing reduction is also offered for those looking to pay annually. The provider charges $35 per month when billed annually for this plan, which is a $4 savings compared to the month-to-month version. Here are the available plans:

Solo Partner Small Business Grasshopper Connect


Pricing (per month) $29 $49 $89 $39
Numbers and Extensions One number/Three Extensions Three numbers/Six Extensions Five numbers/Unlimited Extensions One number/Email, text, and phone integration

Included with all Grasshopper Plans

 Business texting  Call forwarding
 Virtual fax  Custom greetings
 Mobile and desktop apps  Simultaneous call handling
 Standard voicemail  Extensions (the number varies by plan)
 Standard voicemail and Voicemail transcription  Reporting

Included with Grasshopper Connect

 Business contacts  Mobile and desktop apps
 Email integration  Timeline view
 Call holding and Blocking  Voicemail
 Unified messaging  Business texting

Grasshopper Features


Despite being a smaller service provider under the GoTo umbrella, Grasshopper offers social media integration and a smartphone app that’s available for both iOS and Android. There are three standard plan types with a large set of features and each only differentiates in the number of allotted lines and extensions.

Grasshopper Connect is the unified communications plan that competes with other Nextiva alternatives and their UC plan.. Connect allows emails, calls, texts, and chats to be routed into a unified inbox. Features like timeline view for customers and email integration through the G Suite are also baseline features.

Two numbers can even be routed to a single phone with the service. If you’re curious about similar Nextiva alternatives, check out our guide to Grasshopper alternatives.



Grasshopper includes voicemail transcription functionality for all plans. There just aren’t enough features to make this an enterprise-grade service.
Both desktop and smartphone apps are very easy to set up and get running. Latency and jittering can be experienced with the provider.
The web interface is robust and allows users to check voicemails, receive faxes, and check call logs from a browser. Grasshopper does provision for SIP trunks or existing PBX hardware.

More about Grasshopper:


Mitel has been in the business of communications for decades, and their MiCloud technology solution is an option that packs in team collaboration tools and CRM compatibility. Mitel specializes in providing communications options for businesses that are small- and mid-sized. Business.com declared Mitel the best business phone system for call centers.


Mitel Pricing and Plans


Mitel’s plan structure has subscribers paying a blanket fee for the service – there is no annual payment option to be billed annually, unlike other Nextiva alternatives. For access to team collaboration software, contact center software, and their entire suite of products, compare the details for their service and pricing.

Essentials Premier Elite
 Price (per user) $20.99 $26.59 $38.49
 Unlimited Calling (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes
 Audio Conferencing 8-party 25-party 100-party
 Instant Messaging Yes Yes Yes
 Voicemail Transcription No Yes Yes
 On-Demand Call Recording No No Yes
 CRM Integration No Yes Yes

Mitel Features


The base plan for Mitel is very competitive with the plans provided by Nextiva at this level; users get inbound lines, hold music, and a useful voicemail-to-email function that will save users time. For more advanced features, the Elite Plan allows users to integrate with popular CRM suites and analytics that are useful for keeping accurate data about customers and leads.

Mitel support has its issues, but overall this is one of the top Nextiva alternatives.



The smartphone app for Mitel works across a variety of mobile devices and packs in some useful features. As compared with some of the other top UC providers, Mitel’s per-user pricing is somewhat expensive. For example, the Essential plan is $20.99 compared to RingCentral’s base plan that’s $19.99 per month, per user.
The software has extensive CRM integrations for suites like Salesforce and Zoho. The CRM integrations for MiCloud are very robust, but it’s not available in the base plan.
The Future Presence feature automatically sets an employee’s status to available or busy dependent on whether they are traveling. The Mitel MiCloud Essentials plan lacks team collaboration tools.

More about Mitel:


PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks is based in Santa Clara, CA, and the company’s Panterra Streams platform is a noteworthy alternative to Nextiva thanks to good call reliability and high call quality. They have four plans that range from Business Basic to Call Center, and the company offers its customers a hardware as a service (HaaS) plan that is great for those businesses that need desk phones and headsets.


PanTerra Networks Pricing and Plans


On their site, PanTerra has information about their plan structure and its pricing, which is per month, but the provider will bill reduce the price for customers that want to be billed annually. For a year, they reduce the price per month by 5%, two years is 7.5%, and three years in advance provides a 10% reduction, unlike other Nextiva alternatives. Here are the standard rates for a month-to-month subscription:

Business Basic Business Plus Professional
 Price (per user) $19.99 $19.99 $19.99
 Unlimited Calling (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes
 Voicemail Yes Yes Yes
 SMS/MMS Messaging No Yes Yes
 Auto-Attendants No Yes(Four Levels) Yes
 Unified Live Monitor No No Yes
 CRM Integration No Yes Yes

PanTerra Networks Features


As you may have read in our closer look at Panterra Networks, they have a versatile set of tools as one of the top Nextiva alternatives. For example, Streams has file sharing, team messaging, call queuing tools, and robust analytics functionality. Businesses that wish to expand into the call center can do this easily with Panterra’s top-level plan. With this plan, there’s unlimited auto-attendant functionality, storage, outbound calling, and digital fax.



Four tiers of service plans mean that Panterra customers will have options for scaling. Panterra’s HaaS solution is only available with Yealink devices.
Every plan offers unlimited outbound calling. Screen share isn’t available in the Business Basic Plan.
Three out of four of Panterra’s plans provide SMS messaging. Digital Fax is only available for the highest two plans.

More about PanTerra Networks:


Like Grasshopper, Aircall is a solution that’s more geared towards small businesses rather than enterprise clients. Aircall works as a useful solution for any organization that’s looking to utilize a stable communications platform. It doesn’t have a lot of extra features on its mobile application, but the call quality is high.


Aircall Pricing and Plans


Aircall has a monthly pricing plan structure for most users. If an organization wants a monthly plan, it is available, but the Essentials Plan increases to $40 per month, per user, and the Professional Plan increases to $70 per user, per month. Aircall is one of the Nextiva alternatives that doesn’t provide a set pricing schema for customers that need access to API developer support. For a pricing estimate, you must contact the provider. Here are the available plans:

Essentials Professional Custom
 Price (per user) $30 $50 Furnished by Provider
 Unlimited Inbound Calls (US and Canada) Yes Yes Yes
 Interactive Voice Response Yes Yes Yes
 Click-to-Dial Yes Yes Yes
 Power Dialing No Yes Yes
 Custom Analytics No No Yes
 CRM Integration No Yes Yes

Aircall Features


Aircall provides free trials for companies of any size that has a company email client set up. The mobile app features availability status changing, MP3 recording for voicemail messages, and wait music. It’s also possible to set up an interactive voice response system with Aircall, making it a standout among Nextiva alternatives.



Aircall is accessible with a web app or a software application that’s available on desktop or mobile. Video conferencing is the most noteworthy missing feature with Aircall.
Aircall features call recording that allows for playback over the web app. Don’t expect a lot of extra features from the strictly utilitarian mobile app.
Even the basic tier provides some useful call analytics. Starting at $30 for the entry-level, Aircall’s pricing is much higher than other providers. For example, Nextiva plans start at $19.95.

More about Aircall:


Which Nextiva Alternatives Scale For Your Business?


Nextiva is a choice for enterprise clients that want reliability, a good mobile app, and all-in-one functionality, but there’s certainly room for improvement. For example, hosted PBX and UC over the cloud is valued thanks to its redundancy and geographically-disparate server structure. Nextiva’s servers are all based in the continental US, so there’s less protection should those servers become affected by a disaster.

Also, Nextiva could definitely improve some of its base-level plans. The middle- and top-tier plans provide some great functionality, but smaller companies may quickly seek an alternative thanks to missing features like business SMS and voice to text. Still, digging through Nextiva alternatives is a complicated process. Fortunately, many of the solutions covered here have at least some form of free trial so that you can find the one that best fits your organization’s needs.

Our business VoIP buyer’s guide offers more details for an interactive comparison chart with pricing, features, and reviews of the industry’s top providers.