MLL Telecom and 8×8 announced on Thursday that they would be partnering to bring some of 8×8’s technology to MLL’s extensive line of customers. MLL Telecom is the leading provider in the UK of Wide Area Networks and telecommunications services for both the private business and public sectors

With this partnership, 8×8’s install base will increase significantly.


Augmenting the Communication Process

The partnership with 8×8 is designed to grant MLL’s customers access to the software as a service company’s X Series of business solutions. These solutions are designed to provide not only business VoIP options for these sectors, but also chat, video, and call center functionality. The software also provides a dashboard for analytics and multiple customer tools that can drive sales and bolster conversions.

The partnership is a significant win for both companies since MLL can use the software to sell new prospective clients on their service. This also provides a unique opportunity for the company to up-sell its service to existing clients as well.

The Suffolk County Council, which is a client of MLL, has recently agreed to expand to a 200-seat call center service that will be using 8×8’s X Series. With this software, call center agents will more easily be able to get information from experts and coworkers without the need to put customers on hold for extended periods.

Long hold times displease customers and making changes this way can also improve call center agent efficiency. The changes proposed by both companies in this partnership will potentially make the experience better for MLL’s customers and agents, which can benefit MLL’s churn rates.


Driving Digital Transformation

Since MLL Telecom was recently named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial government framework, the X Series will be available to a substantial customer base. Since 8×8 is a major producer of VoIP-related products, this helps brings client like these into the modern world of internet-based telephony.

The goal behind this announcement is clearly to bring powerful communications technology to the public sector clients that make up MLL’s customer base. 8×8 is even providing MLL’s customers with advisement on how to optimize the use of the X Series.


Collaborating for Improved Customer Experience

The partnership isn’t a decision that came lightly. Darren Hogan, who is Director of Products at MLL Telecom stated, “We work closely through our selection process to ensure that we work with a select group of partners who share our ambition to deliver the next generation of digital solutions for customers.”

This is a clear indicator that 8×8 was the best partner for the company, which illustrates the quality of their communications technology.


Business Tools Evolving in Tandem

Both 8×8 and MLL Telecom have been growing quickly and expanding their offerings, which is why a partnership such as this is a move in the right direction for both. This is especially relevant for those public sector groups that are looking to augment their communications to embrace digital technology.

Ever since they announced their new video conferencing tech, we’ve expected 8×8 to start making some great moves, and announcements like this support that prediction. It’s an exciting time for both companies, and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.