We have been seeing several exciting new products being launched at this year’s Enterprise Connect and it’s really no surprise. The VoIP industry has been expanding and progressing at an exponential pace due to advancements in technology and massive popularity (According to Gartner, the cloud telephony industry will be valued at $383 billion by 2020)!  At the beginning of this week Voxbone jumped on the product-launch bandwagon and announced the release of their new enterprise platform, which is designed specifically to serve the needs of business end users.

Voxbone’s International Roots

Voxbone has been serving the VoIP industry nearly since its inception, and has been steadily increasing their position in the CaaS (Communication as a Service) market.  For the past several years, Voxbone has been powering not just some but all of the industry leaders in the Unified Communications and CCaaS markets with their secure, high quality communications services.  For example, popular service providers like 8×8, Zoom and Uber are all powered by Voxbone.

With a focus on international expansion and mobility, Voxbone has undertaken the great task of navigating the legal regulations and technological capacity in different countries.  The challenge is that each country has a unique set of communication hurdles to overcome. The result is that Voxbone is able to offer a secure, compliant and seamless, global communications platform to its providers with coverage in over 60 countries.

About six years ago, the CEO of Voxbone, Itay Rosenfeld, sat down with us here at GetVoIP and talked a little about this international vision.  He stated that “As the telecommunications environment (e.g., regulations, technology, number portability, etc.) is different in every country, their challenge is the localization of the service. That’s exactly where we can help.”

The New Platform

Unlike other Voxbone offerings, such as SIP trunking, the new enterprise grade platform was created specifically for business end users.  This means that businesses will have access to the full range of Voxbone functionality from a single, powerful touchpoint. The platform comes complete with the global network reliability and full compliance that Voxbone is known for.  Businesses will be able to scale their communications infrastructure within minutes, open new markets instantly, virtualize existing infrastructure and streamline operations.  Enterprises will have the option to bring their existing communications apps with them, or build their own services on top of Voxbone’s global voice network. And they will be able to do all of this while also reducing their costs.

Voxbone’s VP of Product, Matt Brown states that: “For the past 14 years, the biggest names in global communications have built on Voxbone.  Now, enterprises looking to scale can use our platform to supercharge their growth – without supercharging spend. We’re proud to say that the best enterprise communications are built with Voxbone.”

With the Enterprise platform, businesses will have access to all of the following products:

  • Voxbone Voice: A single-source, fully compliant alternative to both legacy carriers and limited SIP providers, Voxbone Voice provides global scale on demand and unparalleled local presence – packaged up with Voxbone’s regulatory expertise in every market and coverage across 92% of the world economy.
  • Voxbone Mobile: Two-way messaging and voice on mobile numbers in 25+ countries. Perfect for omnichannel customer comms, with enterprise-grade security built in as standard.
  • Voxbone Connect: Voxbone Connect allows users to interconnect into Voxbone’s global backbone via its partners’ 400 local access points around the world for best-possible security and lowest-possible latency.
  • Voxbone Insights: Allows users to analyze call capacity, numbers, voice traffic and more in real time to identify breaking trends.

The Bottom Line

The enterprise platform looks like a bit of a game changer.  Not only are providers now able to take advantage of Voxbone’s reliable global cloud services, but enterprises and business end users will be able to gain control over their communication systems and scale up to a global level while reducing costs.

Over time we will see more clearly how well the new Voxbone enterprise platform works in the real world, but it definitely looks promising.  Voxbone certainly made the right choice when they decided to focus on international communications, as we have seen the popularity of a remote, global workforce only go up.  It is exciting to see Voxbone’s international expertise now being brought to the business end user.