NewVoiceMedia, a company who enables organizations to create unparalleled, emotive customer experiences to serve better and sell more, has launched an omni-channel solution that is completely-integrated and designed to deliver a consistent customer experience across all Salesforce digital channels and the NewVoiceMedia contact center.

Adopting an omni-channel solution is a significant business move going into 2018 because customers have their own unique ways of dealing with issues that inevitably arise, and being forced to deal with them in ways that don’t fit their needs can leave them with a negative outlook on the business. Customer experience was predicted to be an important business trend in 2018, and that prediction is proving to be right.

What NewVoiceMedia is doing is making it possible for customers to implement their ideal ways of handling their specific issues, while also making their experience more seamless by letting them use other channels like email, chat, SMS, video, and social media simultaneously. Let’s take a closer look at these channels and what NewVoiceMedia plans to do with them.

How it Works

Like we just said, omnichannel support solutions integrate multiple channels with each other to provide customers with positive, personalized experiences that have a higher likelihood of resolving whatever issues come up and retaining those customers.

NewVoiceMedia will allow businesses to route voice and interactions through the channels listed above (email, chat, SMS, video, social media). What this means is that businesses can use social media — like Facebook Messenger — to chat with customers who are more comfortable on social media.

Their omni-channel solution is also fully integrated with Salesforce CRM, which makes it easier for businesses to share contact data across all these channels, keeping everyone on the same page. When teams have access to the same data, they can offer better support to their customers without having to worry about whether or not the data they have is up-to-date or not.

Tony Bone, regional vice president of Service Cloud at Salesforce, says:

“The NewVoiceMedia platform is one of the first contact center solutions to offer Salesforce customers the ability to deliver that experience across both voice and Salesforce implemented digital channels. Unified routing coupled with tight integration with Salesforce enable customers to leverage their existing Salesforce implementations and obtain deep visibility and management across all their interaction channels.”

Support teams can integrate Salesforce Einstein Analytics and dashboards with NewVoiceMedia’s Conversation Analyzer to analyze customer conversations, which can then be made available in Salesforce, offering powerful insights based on that data.

Conversation Analyzer can use speech-to-text to transcribe calls and segment the content into specific categories that can be used by businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers, rather than grouping them all together and assuming their problems can all be handled the same way.

We’re living in an era where omni-channel experiences are already expected by customers who are more tech-savy than any other generation. This is a great way to target not just current SMB owners, but also millennials who will be the biggest and most targeted group of consumers in the very near future.

Normalizing Omni-channel Support

Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, also says, “A seamless, integrated omni-channel contact center solution has become essential for businesses seeking to compete on customer experience.”

It wouldn’t make much sense for NewVoiceMedia, a company specializing in the customer experience, to not offer the best possible solutions for their customers. Many businesses have multichannel solutions, but the problem with only having a multichannel support solution is that the possibility of having one or more channels being ignored increases.

If one of those channels happens to be one that your customers would like to use more frequently, they’re going to feel like their needs are being ignored. By letting customers use more than one channel at a time, the customer is in control, channels will be used more frequently, issues will be brought to the business’ attention, and issues can ultimately be resolved much faster.

Moni Manor, chief product officer at NewVoiceMedia, feels the same way. She says:

“Digital transformation is about changing the way businesses operate and interact with customers to provide a better experience, and we’re passionate about helping drive great conversations across all customer touchpoints. With this release, we are one of the first to market with a fully integrated omni-channel contact center solution which will enable organizations to leverage their Salesforce digital channels, without switching to a third-party solution for the unified digital and voice experience.”

The fact that they are one of the first to market a fully integrated omni-channel contact center solution indicates that switching to an omni-channel solution is necessary going forward, but other providers need to do more to start meeting the demands of their customers.

The Final Word

Businesses who don’t take advantage of omni-channel solutions now are putting themselves in an tough spot. Providers like NewVoiceMedia are trying to normalize omni-channel contact center solutions because they understand what the customer really wants: a seamless, personalized support solution that caters to their specific needs.

NewVoiceMedia is not only offering an omni-channel solution to its customers, but is also fully integrating it with Salesforce CRM, allowing teams to share significant customer data with each other so everyone’s on the same page. Doing this will naturally improve and individualize every customer experience.

Through the use of email, chat, SMS, video, and social media, NewVoiceMedia can finally let businesses reach out to their customers in a way that empowers the customer, rather than forcing them to deal with channels that might not help them. These channels can even be used as self-service support solutions for those who want to go that route. 

Service teams can become even more helpful through the use of Conversation Analyzer, which integrates with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics. This eliminates the need for businesses to go back and forth between platforms and saves them time that can be better spent on offering better customer experiences.

Overall, we believe this is a necessary move for customer experience and contact center solutions because omni-channel support prioritizes the customer and helps them resolve problems in ways that fit their needs. By offering multiple channels to customers, businesses can ensure each channel is up to par and let the customer lead the way. This announcement ultimately makes it harder for businesses to continue passing up on omni-channel support solutions.