Vonage, one of the largest Business VoIP providers in the US has just added an entirely new solution their portfolio, known as VonageReach. Leveraging both Vonage’s existing UCaaS product stack, and even their Nexmo API platform, VonageReach offers entirely new ways for your business to, well, reach out and get in touch with your customers.

VonageReach focuses primarily on marketing automation by creating a “delightful, powerful experiences with integrated texts, emails, and more — all through one intelligent marketing automation platform.”

What is VonageReach?

VonageReach takes on many elements from CRM software leveraging customer data to sending out automated, personalized text messages and phone calls. Instead of building the platform yourself, VonageReach integrates with your business’ CRM software to target and segment your audience, increasing open and conversion rates.

The great thing is that your business doesn’t have to bring in their own software developer or spend the time and money it takes to build out a platform such as this. VonageReach leverages both Vonage’s existing UCaaS offerings, as well as their Nexmo platform , Twilio’s largest competitor, to power everything. To sum it up quickly, with VonageReach your business can:

  • Develop automated, customized drip campaigns to send personalized messages at every stage of the sales cycle via text, email, voice or social media
  • Get better leads, shorten sales cycles and close more deals with highly relevant offers and communications
  • Keep customers happy with interactive, customized customer service campaigns across all channels
  • Automate texts for announcements, appointment reminders, order and shipment information, customer service issues, loyalty programs and more.

Why VonageReach?

Vonage says, “64% of customers prefer texting for customer service.” Their new solution VonageReach is doing exactly as their name suggests: they’re reaching out to their customers and acknowledging that texting is the preferred method for customer service.

This is a multi-channel solution committed to making each channel more powerful by providing your business with automated messages that take specific customer data and use it to created targeted, individualized promotions ensuring their specific needs are met. This could be as simple as sending a follow up asking a customer how their purchase is working out, or suggesting different products based on their order history. VonageReach automates this process, creating better customer experiences without you even having to raise a finger.

On top of it all, the VonageReach platform also leverages Vonage’s existing network, with redundant data centers, servers, network connectivity and paths to wireless carriers for maximum availability and connectivity.

Key Features in VonageReach

VonageReach works similarly — and synonymously — to a CRM software, by collecting customer data, organizing it, and then using it to improve customer experience and convert more leads while automating the entire process.

But there’s a bit more going on under the hood than just automated text messages sent out to previous business contacts. Let’s look closer at each feature VonageReach is offering to better understand what makes this new solution stand out.

1. Smart Targeting

Agents can now optimize contacts and messages by catering them to each recipient’s behavior, demographics, and location. This is important because there’s no longer a need to worry about sending messages at the right time, or if the messages sound too generalized and vague.

These messages can also be sent during specific parts of the sales cycle, which allows for super fine tuning of the entire process. A sales cycle is used as a visual guide for business owners who want to see how long it takes for leads to pass through each stage on their way to becoming a customer, and can allow a business to better understand how and when to reach out to existing customers. VonageReach helps your business automate those messages at the best possible time, and turn a lost lead into a cross-selling opportunity.

VonageReach comes into play by collecting data from leads, analyzing it, and then creating messages based on the data they collected, which could ultimately speed up the sales process and lead to higher conversion rates.

2. Mobile Keywords

Text-to-join keywords are registered words that can be texted by subscribers to opt-in to your messaging platform. These keywords are usually customizable and give businesses the opportunity to specify why people are joining. When all of this information is collected, it helps the organization and targeting process in the long run.

For example, users could text a simple keyword string like “product updates” to a specific phone number, and then these customers would then receive automated text messages when there are updates to the product line. This allows customers to stay involved on the platform of their choosing, and potentially come back at a later time.

Mobile keywords just help to simplify the process for your customers and clients, giving them a quick and easy way to stay connected to your business.

3. Auto Responder

Autoresponders, not to be confused with autodialers, create messages that are automatically sent to subscribers when they opt in. Customers do not want to feel left in the dark after opting into a service or subscribing to an email list for updates. They want to know that their actions have been recognized.

It’s also good business to follow up any time a customer reaches out. If they’re reaching out to your business, they’re eliminating a lot of the hard work sales and marketing teams deal with just to give the business an opportunity to convert a lead into a customer.

Businesses can create messages that are automatically sent to subscribers that either lead them to other products and services, that reward subscribers with an incentive of your choosing, or that simply say thank you for reaching out like you would if the exchange happened in person.

4. Rules and Triggers

Rules and triggers can be automated and send individualized, perfectly timed messages to leads and customers. Vonage says:

“Today’s consumer receives countless voice and email messages on a daily basis, making it difficult for businesses to make their message stand out in the noise. The VonageReach SMS automation platform enables companies to connect with customers and prospective customers in a more personalized and contextual way, through what is arguably the most used and effective communication channel — text messaging.”

Triggers can be used to determine when the best time to make these messages stand out is and determine what kind of message needs to be sent to the lead or customer that helps generate more conversions and connections with your business.

5. Picture Messaging

Text messaging is definitely one of the next steps for support, but people are visual learners. Many might see a text message that’s clearly from a company and immediately close it out; however, with VonageReach, your business has the option to send plain text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) that include pictures and videos.

Multimedia messages don’t guarantee a higher conversion rate, but you’re giving your business the opportunity to reach out to people that are more willing to listen if they have a visual aid.

Your business can also get creative, and send product demo’s or quick pictures and videos to generate even more interest and curiosity about the product or offering.

6. Cross Selling Capabilities

With cross selling capabilities in VonageReach, agents have easier access to all the data they need to offer customers and leads other related products during the sales cycle. Like we said before, customers don’t want to be left hanging after they’ve done something for you, and businesses should take advantage of this to show their customers what else they have to offer.

If the customer appears to be, or is committed to staying a customer, it’s useful to show them related products and services. This shows that you’re interested in the customer’s well-being without coming off as simply seizing an opportunity. VonageReach is built into a single user interface to let you reach all of your subscribers.

7. Short Codes

VonageReach offers more than just generic phone numbers, and even allows your business to utilize short codes, which are four, five, or six digit phone numbers. In fact, your business can even send up to 300 messages a second.

Short codes are useful because they can send quick, automated messages to tons of people in a short amount of time, and make it super easy for your customers to reply back. Instead of remembering or typing out an entire phone number, short codes are an easy way to keep your customers engaged.

Those messages, like “Text X to 12345 to donate to Y,” simplify the process of doing business by allowing people away from their computers to still be active and engaged  customers.

The Final Word

VonageReach is taking the best from sales and marketing CRM software, and using it to improve their voice and messaging services significantly. Vonage understands that businesses are looking to reach out to their customers on an individual level, and is taking the necessary steps to improve customer experience.

VonageReach offers tons of features that businesses will find useful, like being able to integrate VonageReach with their CRM software. Data management is absolutely essential when it comes to using CRM software, and it helps to improve the sales process by giving sales teams all the tools they need to connect with their leads.

Smart Targeting, Mobile Keywords, Autoresponders, Rules and Triggers, Picture Messaging, Cross Selling Capabilities, and Short Codes are all great features that make VonangeReach stand out.