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Many offices rely on web conferencing as an important part of most day to day work. Whether to discuss a sale with a potential prospect, introduce a new client to the team, or facilitate collaboration between teams. Almost every business can find a use case for either audio or even video conferencing.

While there are several free web-based conference call services available, and we don’t have widespread WebRTC to shake things up just yet, one of the most popular options is without a doubt GoToMeeting. Offering Enterprise level features for even their Free and Starter plans, GoToMeeting makes it easy to adopt and start hosting meetings right away. However, GoToMeeting’s pricing can get a bit confusing, so we wanted to take a detailed look at just exactly what the platform has to offer, much we like we did in our overview of Dialpad pricing.


What Is GoToMeeting?


GoToMeeting offers a platform for users, from small to enterprise-level businesses – or even personal use – to host their audio or video web conferences. However, it doesn’t end just there, and GoToMeeting throws in a bunch of high-level functions to take the service a step beyond a simple Skype or other video conferencing alternative.

Beyond just audio and video calling, GoToMeeting includes other features, such as:

  • Screen Sharing with mouse and keyboard sharing
  • Application sharing, for when you don’t want to give over full control of your desktop
  • A Dial-in conference line for users
  • A permeant, personal meeting room so users can join your meetings through the same link every time
  • 1-click meetings, users both in and outside of your company can quickly and easily jump into meetings
  • Conference recording to keep a backup of every conference and conversation just in case you forgot that one detail and don’t want to have to call John back
  • Drawing tools for screen sharing to help users navigate and highlight for even easier collaboration
  • A Sight board function to broadcast your office’s physical whiteboard in your video conference
  • Mac, PC, Linux, and Mobile OS support

Essentially, if your office needs a way to host conference calls or even conference video sessions for little or even no cost, GoToMeeting is a popular choice. Adding in extra features just helps sweeten the deal, like Screen Sharing and even the ability to draw on your attendee’s screen – something that would come in handy for collaborating on projects, editing documents, or support to help users navigate through online portals or any apps.

If your business simply needs to make audio conference calls, and is unable to do so from their Hosted PBX provider, or any other phone system already established in the office, GoToMeeting has you covered there as well. Users can host audio conference calls with the platform thanks to either VoIP based calls, or even toll-based phone calls.


The Pricing Plans, Broken Down Simply


GoToMeeting makes it simple to adopt their platform, and while it should be easy to decide which plan fits best for your business, it can get a bit confusing. With four different options available for different pricing plans, it can be a bit daunting to decipher which would best suit your team.


Choosing the right plan includes taking into account not only your team’s size, but even understanding what extra features your office might benefit from most, or might not want to pay extra for. Thankfully, with the four options broken down by team size the process shouldn’t be too complicated, but we decided to take a closer look and break it down even further.


The Free Plan


For the really small teams that just need a way to get in touch with each other, or host audio conference calls with remote workers or even clients, GoToMeeting has a free plan for anyone to take advantage of. Of course, with a free plan comes limitations – as is true with any Freemium model, just take a look at Cisco’s WebEx.

For $0 a month, the Free Plan gets you:

  • Up to 3 participants
  • Web Audio Conference Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • One-Click Meetings

Unfortunately, free users will not be able to host any video conferencing, so those that have video ticked as must-have, it might be worth looking into some of the paid plans listed below. However, while the free plan is limited to only 3 participants, it still comes with the incredibly useful Screen Sharing function. Not every team will use this, or even require screen sharing, but for those small teams that do – GoToMeeting’s free plan is a great choice. One-click meetings also keep the entire system easy to use, allowing even small teams to keep up a professional and Enterprise level service.


Best for: Small teams that need an easy way to host audio conference calls with remote workers or clients. Free screen sharing is a huge plus over alternatives for teams that would benefit from this feature.


The Starter Plan


With up to 10 participants, the Starter Plan of course expand beyond the limitations of the Free plan but also helps keep the cost down. With the Starter plan, your team gains access to even more features, one of which being HD Video conferencing. You also get a bit more than just that for your money – and the price is still on the cheaper side.

For $19 a month, the Starter Plan gets you:

  • Up to 10 participants
  • Web Audio Conference Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • One-click meetings
  • A Dial-in Conference Line
  • HD Video Conferencing

The Starter Plan still keeps the price low for those smaller teams that might not be able to afford more expensive plans with features they won’t even use. Of course, HD Video conferencing is added, but still missing from the list are the more advanced screen sharing capabilities such as application-only sharing, and the drawing tools. A Dial-in Conference line is another great addition and allows users to extend their conference calls to outside participants while keeping everything as simple as possible. Screen sharing also stays, as well as one-click meetings on top of the dial-in conference line. And of course, as the price goes up so does the number of allowed participants.

Best for: The Starter plan could work for most sized companies, but that would just require admins to limit the number of participants and teams that can utilize the service. So the Starter Plan is still best for smaller teams, but a step up for those that require the HD Video Conferencing, and want to move beyond less reliable alternatives.


The Pro Plan


In the middle of the pack, and listed as the most popular plan on GoToMeeting’s website, the Pro plan expands into the full feature set that GoToMeetings has to offer. The pro plan doesn’t necessarily add any new channels of communication, like the Starter Plan adds video, but instead expands on the existing channels.

For $29 a month, the Pro plan gets you:

  • Up to 50 participants
  • Web Audio Conference Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • One-Click Meetings
  • Dial-In Conference Line
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Drawing tools for screen sharing
  • One-click conference recording
  • A personal meeting room with permanent weblink
  • Mobile apps
  • Keyboard and Mouse Sharing for screen sharing

Of course, the Pro plan will be a must-have for medium to larger sized teams that want the ability to include more than just 10 members of the team. Everything else included in the plan, such as the drawing tools for screen sharing and personal meeting room, and even mobile apps will help drive the simplicity of the system. Not too much is missing when compared to the more expensive Plus plan, as that is mostly reserved for the large scale Enterprise level players due to participant limits. The Pro plan is, again, advertised as the platform’s most popular plan and for good reason.


Best for: With up to 50 participants, the Pro plan will be the go-to for medium to larger teams, and will be especially useful for those that rely on and fully utilize screen sharing capabilities. The addition of mobile apps is also great for the remote, or mobile workforce. Drawing tools are also a solid addition to the arsenal.


The Plus Plan


Last but of course not least, is the Plus Plan. If you need all of the bells and whistles, and top of the line everything then of course your team will gravitate towards the Plus plan. While the Plus plan continues to expand on the already existing features, it does add something entirely new called the Sightboard function.

For $49 a month, the Plus plan gets you:

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Web Audio Conference Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • One-Click Meetings
  • Dial-In Conference Line
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Drawing Tools for screen sharing
  • One-click conference recording
  • A personal meeting room with permanent weblink
  • Mobile apps
  • Keyboard and Mouse Sharing for screen sharing
  • Active Directory
  • Sight board

Described by GoToMeeting themselves, Sight board enhances your webcam view during video conferences to locate and focus on any physical whiteboards visible to your camera. It will overlay a faint image of the speaker, applying a ghosting effect so the viewer can focus mainly on the whiteboard that is being presented. Of course, you can use an actual whiteboard, but a wall or any other white surface will be detected by the camera. I don’t see this being used by everyone on a team, but could serve a great function and help improve meetings when a whiteboard is necessary, or just helpful to get your point across. Also added is an active directory feature for IT Admins to quickly and easily provision users and participants in your company access to the service.


Best for: While not incredibly expensive, the price of the Plus plan might put it out of reach, or just not make sense, for smaller teams. The Active Directory provisioning will also only truly benefit IT admins that oversee large teams, as its main focus is to allow quick provisioning of huge lists of accounts. The Plus plan would then be best for the large Enterprise sized teams.


GoToMeeting Pricing Tiers For Every Business


Whether your team is over 100, or just 3, GoToMeeting has you covered with a plan that will fit in just right – and the same goes for the budget as well. At $49 a month, even if your team doesn’t need room for 100 participants, you won’t be overpaying much for the huge list of features included.

While other options do exist in the market, GoToMeeting is generally considered one of the best offers, and as you can see for a very good reason. When it comes down to it, what plan your team decides to adopt should fall more on what features do you need, with price acting as a bit of an afterthought – and with the options available GoToMeeting hits that nail on the head perfectly.

Free Plan Stater Plan Pro Plan Plus Plan
# Of Participants 3 10 50 100
Audio Calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Calls No Yes Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drawing Tools No No Yes Yes
Keyboard and Mouse Sharing No No Yes Yes
Sight board No No No Yes
One-Click Meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dial-In Conference Line No Yes Yes Yes
Permanent, Personal Meeting Room No No Yes Yes
Conference Recording No No Yes Yes
Mobile Apps No No Yes Yes
Active Directory No No No Yes