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When looking to establish a call center software solution for your business, or simply adopt a contact center solution for your office to help the influx handle day to day inbound or outbound communications, the first piece to consider would of course be the cost. How much is it going to run you to adopt a call center solution, and what options are out there? The process might not be as simple as say, finding new headsets for your call center – and even that can get confusing.

More often than not, it can be a difficult task to gather bottom line call center software pricing information, and a lengthy process to obtain a quote. When all your office needs is a simple 10-15 line call center solution, it can be helpful to have a quick at-a-glance breakdown of pricing and what each call center software provider offers. We decided to put together this breakdown of what we found to be the three most transparent call center software providers out there, and compare them side by side. Check out our Five9 alternatives for a more inclusive comparison with even more providers.


Well known, and often compared to many competitor’s, for their Hosted PBX offerings, RingCentral has also broken into the call center software market. Following their tradition in other industries, RingCentral makes it very easy to quickly understand the plans and pricing structure available.

While the pricing, service, deployment and cloud network is handled by RingCentral themselves, the software is actually powered by InContact, one of the larger names in the call center space. So RingCentral actually provides the best of both worlds, industry leading software with a robust network, and easy to understand pricing with three different sized plans.

RingCentral pricing is fully transparent and listend right on their website, and ranges between $99.99 for a basic small business plan, up to $179.99 for the high end Enterprise level service. The added benefit of RingCentral’s pricing structure is the more agents your team has, the lower the cost. While a basic plan for 1 agent will charge $99.99 a month, the same plan with up to 999 agents will drop the cost down to $84.99 per agent, per month when billed annually (or $89.99 when billed monthly).

RingCentral also goes above and beyond by offering not only the great features necessary for a call center, but even multiple channels of communication to run a full out contact center if necessary – including voice, email, webchat, fax, and even SMS. These extra benefits don’t come into play until you subscribe to the mid level Advanced plan, but at $119.99 a month per user, it shouldn’t be breaking the bank.

Best for:

  • While RingCentral would be a solid choice for almost any size business looking for an all-encompassing solution, their pricing structure makes a lot of sense for larger sized companies, as the price goes down the more seats you purchase.
  • RingCentral’s contact center branches beyond simple phone support, and offers a complete solution while still at an easy to swallow price point, although the per minute and per SMS charges could add up quickly and overwhelm a smaller team, with a slightly higher entry price point than some of the others.


Without a doubt, TalkDesk offers one of the most compelling introductions to contact and call center software. With their SMB Starter plan at only $45 per agent per month, they are of course the most price conscious with the easiest entry point into the space. For their SMB starter, like RingCentral, minutes are actually sold separately from the monthly cost, but with a smaller team it should be easy to work within your means and will help keep costs low. Of course TalkDesk also offers an Enterprise level plan, as well as a midlevel $65 per month plan – but these plans also sell minutes separately and might not make as much sense as some of other providers on the list.

However, TalkDesk does counter that by allowing a massive 100 agents for their Professional plan, which also includes SMS and email support, as well as room for two integrations with other platforms. The Enterprise plan is also compelling in that it adds API access and support, as well as a dedicated account manager so more advanced users, or larger businesses with dedicated IT teams, can take full control of the system and truly customize the solution to their business’s needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, TalkDesk does a good job of including all the features and call center automations your business might need at any size, with their SMB Starter option really only losing out on SMS support channels, and some calling functions like call barging, conference calling and callback from Queue.

Best for:

  • If your small business needs a solid entry point into the call center solutions available, TalkDesk’s SMB Starter plan is a great choice. The plan does include email support on top of phone support, and offers an easy entry level for teams no larger than 10 agents. If you can’t justify stretching your budget for all the bells and whistles TalkDesk makes a lot of sense.
  • Their Enterprise solution is also competitive for the level of control over the system it offers.

Interactive Intelligence

Going with an even less expensive alternative, Interactive Intelligence offers their own unique call center software pricing platform, at a cost even lower than RingCentral’s already competitive pricing structure. On one hand, Interactive Intelligence offers web chat and email support in just their middle Engage 2 plan at $99.99 per month per user, if you need to add in social media and SMS you’ll have to upgrade to the Engage 3 plan at $129.99 a month per user – but your cost will still be lower than that of RingCentral.

Interactive Intelligence works off their own network, with their own unique software to offer a very comparable solution with every feature you need – and helps break the pricing down so those that require only simple call center features can stay with a less expensive plan, instead of being shoehorned into paying for features that might not even be utilized.

Although, it is worth noting that their social media management, SMS support and even video customer service are currently marked as roadmap items, but current Engage 3 customers will be the first to access the new functions when they make it live.

Interactive Intelligence also comes bundled with some great unique features like a graphical agent scripting interface – an easy way to create and modify scripts for all of your agents, and of course workforce optimization with reporting and analytics.

Best for:

  • Interactive Intelligence offers very competitive pricing, and even a solution for those that require simply a call center with all the great features included. Their plans can leave out all of those extra support channels that may not even be utilized.
  • With their own unique platform, Interactive Intelligence seems to be a strong point for the medium sized business looking for either basic call center, or even some more advanced contact center solutions added in.

Pricing: RingCentral vs TalkDesk vs Interactive

Visit RingCentral Visit Talkdesk inin-logo
Plans Available and Pricing per seat, per month Basic from $99.99, Advanced from $119.99, Ultimate from $179.99  SMB Starter for $45, Professional for $65, Enterprise for $125 Engage 1 for $69.99, Engage 2 for $99.99, Engage 3 for $129.99
Price Per Minute 1.9¢, 1.7¢, 1.6¢  Incoming calls cost $0.02/minute and outbound calls $0.03/minute  NA
Price Per SMS  NA, 1.4¢, 1.4¢  NA  NA
Agents Supported  From 1 to as many as you need. Pricing varies on number of seats purchased. SMB Starter – 3 to 10

Professional – up to 100

Enterprise – Unlimited

 From 1 to as many as you need.
Basic IVR Yes, Basic plan Yes  Engange 1, speech enabled IVR
Advanced IVR  Yes, only with the Enterprise plan Yes, all plans  Engange 2, Speech-enabled and Secure IVR, Engange 3 adds External VXML Application Support
Email Support  Yes, Advanced and Enterprise  Yes, all plans  Yes, Engange 2 and 3 only
SMS Support  Yes, Advanced and Enterprise  Yes, only Professional and Enterprise Yes, only Engage 3 (roadmap item)
Social Media Management  Yes, Advanced and Enterprise  No  Yes, only Engage 3
Outbound Dialers Yes, Enterprise plan  No, only with separate outbound solution  Yes, Engage 2 and 3

The Bottom Line

There are a number of different call center software solutions that exist even beyond the three we took a closer look at here. While RingCentral, TalkDesk, and Interactive Intelligence are not the only players in the space, they without a doubt offer the most transparent pricing.

With plans, categories, and features broken down in a simple and effective chart like we complied above, the normally convoluted and confusing buying process can be broken down a lot. Depending on the size of your team, the channels of communication your team requires, and other factors like the network and customer service will all play into which plan will work out best for your team. If any of the nine plans we took a look still don’t seem to fit your needs just right, you can also take a look at our Call Center Software provider’s page to see what else is out there.

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