Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today introduced a new ‘all-in-one’ VoIP communications solution for small businesses, the Samsung Communication Manager Compact (SCM Compact). Designed with a focus on simplicity, the SCM Compact will now provide small and medium businesses an easy and cost-effective way to gain enterprise-class VoIP collaboration capabilities so mobile workers can easily remotely connect to their business’ network.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are evolving their infrastructure to gain the sophisticated collaboration technologies that have typically only been available to their larger competitors,” said John D’Annunzio, General Manager of Samsung Wireless Enterprise. “The SCM Compact was built specifically with SMB owners in mind, providing a mobile communications platform that prioritizes ease-of-use, security and cost-savings.”

The SCM Compact aims to increase efficiency and productivity by utilizing Samsung’s mobile technology to combine wired, Wi-Fi- and cellular networks so employees can stay connected to business SCM-compactcommunications no matter where they are, Samsung said in their announcement.

With a new feature called Smart Handover, the SCM Compact can “handover” smartphone and mobile calls from cellular networks to a business’ own private network or Wi-Fi. Samsung claims the process will work seamlessly without any call disruption to improve voice quality and reduce costs of Bring your Own Device workers.

“Additionally, when paired with Samsung’s WeVoIP mobile application, the SCM Compact enables workers to turn their smartphone into a fully-enabled business phone that uses their business extension line and maintains key deskphone functions, including conferencing, call transfer and call recording,” the announcement said. “Workers can also seamlessly move a call from a Samsung desk phone to a wireless device (and vice versa) with the push of a button.”

Other features focused on SMBs for the SCM Compact include a built-in session border controller for security, an embedded API Server for custom applications and a survivable branch gateway for 24/7 operations.

With a Built-In Session Border Controller, the SCM Compact can deliver its own secure SIP communications to protect your networks from DDoS attacks by keeping IP addresses private. This removes the need for workers to connect to their network through a VPN.

Even if IP connections are lost between a data center and remote workers the SCM Compact will be able to sustain any SIP communications for routing of local gateway traffic and even high quality voice and telephony functions.

“When looking to upgrade or install new platforms, many SMBs want the sophisticated applications or mobile functionalities used by their larger competitors,” said Steve Sava, president of Perigee Business Technologies, a certified Samsung business partner. “The Samsung Communications Manager Compact gives us the option to offer industry-standard SIP solutions that not only offer the eye-appeal that customers look for, but also deliver the advanced functionality of a mobility-enabled platform.”