Plantronics, a global leader in audio communications, has released today the newest version of Plantronics Manager Pro, version 3.8 and the addition of a new Asset Analysis suite. A software subscription service, Plantronics Manager Pro adds a new level of analysis for IT and contact center managers to turn their company’s headsets into data aggregation tools.

Three significant features added in the new Asset Analysis suite include the ability to track device deployment, reconfigurations and updates, find non-standard communications client deployments and setup new user personas to define standard device settings. With a new platform to gain insights from voice interactions, analysis of this previously uncollected data will enable users to improve collaboration and customer service.

Designed to integrate with other service offerings, Plantronics Manager Pro is the foundation service upon which the additional analysis suites will build off to help IT and contact center managers evaluate usage patterns, conversational dynamics, and acoustic health, according to Plantronics. Manager Pro helps channel partners create relationships with their customers and resellers to gain valuable insights about headset deployment and application usage.

“Over the last 15 years communications and contact center resellers have shifted their business model from one-time hardware purchases towards recurring software and services revenue,” said Nancy Jamison, principal analyst at Frost and Sullivan. “At the edge of the network, Plantronics has unique insight into the quality and the value of every conversation. This new offer should help resellers further extend their business model by assuring great conversations on both ends of the call.”

In effort to promote relationships between customers and channel partners, resellers of the platform are able to remotely customize and manage user profiles and configurations while sending out updates to software and hardware. Enhanced analytics puts the right tools in the hands of customer service representatives to provide customers with the best possible experiences. Contact Center managers can create standard configurations best tailored to the representative’s needs.